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Auto-Brewery Syndrome

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Is it possible to be drunk without drinking alcohol? Actually, yes. There is a condition called auto-brewery syndrome whereby an imbalance in your gut microbiome can ferment carbohydrates to create alcohol. Blood alcohol levels can get surprisingly high. Though this condition is thought to be rare, it might just be underdiagnosed. Patients are dealing with legal ramifications, social stigmas, and disbelief by friends, family, and physicians.

Today we introduce the topic of auto-brewery syndrome to raise awareness that your gut microbiome can produce alcohol. We discuss how it occurs, how to diagnose it, and some strategies to treat it.

Today on The Lab Report:  

  • 3:10 What is auto-brewery syndrome?
  • 5:30 Causes and clinical associations
  • 9:45 SIBO/SIFO – should we be checking alcohol levels?
  • 10:50 Chronic tolerance and long-term alcohol effects 
  • 12:20 How to diagnose ABS
  • 14:30 Treatment strategies
  • 17:00 Is it as rare as we think? Is there a spectrum?
  • 18:12 Question of the Day
    • What patterns might we see on GI Effects and NutrEval?

Additional Resources:

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Auto-Brewery Syndrome Advocacy and Research


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