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Victory Undefined: Why Behavior Drives Process with Ed Molitor

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Ed Molitor, former NCAA basketball coach, corporate executive, and entrepreneur is a leader and coach down to the smallest molecule of his DNA. For more than 26 years, Ed has continually empowered individuals and their organizations to achieve victory through a focus on transformation, fundamentals, compassion, mental toughness, and vision. In this episode, we discuss why you need to define why victory undefined, is victory unfulfilled. Ed introduces us to the 7 pillars of victory, with this episode focusing on values and intangibles. We also discuss how behavior drives process, reconnecting to your values and tapping into accountability, culture, and motivation.

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Episode 1 Quotable moments:

  • 00:48 “Victory undefined is what? It's victory unfulfilled like if you don't know what winning means to you, if you can't clearly articulate what success means to you and why, that's what it means to you, you're not gonna figure out how to go about achieving it at the highest level.”

  • 06:43 When you can define winning in a way that your people feel like they're better, that there's meaning behind it, that it makes them better as people. Okay. That it makes them contribute to the greater good. When you can define winning as an inclusive culture where your level of value isn't simply determined by your output.”

  • 012:33 “And when you sit there and you talk about values, when you talk about, okay, I understand my values, how well do you communicate them?”

  • 014:01 “You know, we talk all the time about growing through adversity, not going through adversity. So many folks focus on, okay, let's just get through this. If we can just get through this, we're gonna be okay. How do you grow through that adversity?

  • 015:01 “Values lead to intangibles. And intangibles are the little things. Okay. What separates you? And we often, like in athletics, we talk about intangibles, right? Diving for loose balls, you know, making the extra effort, talking, communicating with your teammates, being the coach on the floor.


    The BluePrint Podcast is for busy professionals and Household CEOs who care deeply about their families, career, and health. Host Dr. Erik Korem distills cutting edge-science, leadership, and life skills into simple tactics optimized for your busy lifestyle and goals.   Dr. Korem interviews scientists, coaches, elite athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and exceptional people to discuss science and practical skills you can implement to become the most healthy, resilient, and impactful version of yourself.  

    On a mission to equip people to pursue audacious goals, thrive in uncertainty, and live a healthy and fulfilled life, Dr. Erik Korem is a High Performance pioneer. He introduced sports science and athlete tracking technologies to collegiate and professional (NFL) football over a decade ago. He has worked with the National Football League, Power-5 NCAA programs, gold-medal Olympians, Nike, and the United States Department of Defense.  

    Erik is an expert in sleep and stress resilience. He is the Founder and CEO of AIM7, a health and fitness app that unlocks the power of wearables by providing you with daily personalized recommendations to enhance your mind, body, and recovery.


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The BluePrint Podcast is for busy professionals and Household CEOs who care deeply about their famil 
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