The BluePrint with Dr. Erik KoremThe BluePrint with Dr. Erik Korem

#445. How to be a Courageous Rebel that Creates Positive Change with Dr. Todd Kashdan

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Unlock the hidden power of principled insubordination with Dr. Todd Kashdan, a world-renowned psychology professor and bestselling author. In this episode, Dr. Kashdan reveals how embracing dissent and defiance can lead to groundbreaking innovations and positive change. Discover the key strategies for expressing unpopular but important ideas effectively, and learn how to distinguish between principled and destructive forms of disagreement. Dr. Kashdan also delves into the four archetypes of insubordination and shares fascinating insights on the role of courage in speaking up against the status quo.


  • How to express dissent while maintaining group commitment
  • The equation for principled insubordination
  • Four archetypes of insubordination and their characteristics
  • Strategies for managing fear and increasing willingness to act

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Quotable moments:

"As soon as you get more than 80 percent likeability in your Amazon rankings for your book or your for your CD or for, you know, for your podcast or your movie, I would say you probably didn't push the envelope enough, especially when it's art and science and athletics." - Dr. Todd Kashdan

"Courage can be thought of as the willingness to take action despite the presence of fear. So fear is the denominator and the willingness to act is the numerator." - Dr. Todd


The BluePrint Podcast is for busy professionals and Household CEOs who care deeply about their families, career, and health. Host Dr. Erik Korem distills cutting edge-science, leadership, and life skills into simple tactics optimized for your busy lifestyle and goals.   Dr. Korem interviews scientists, coaches, elite athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and exceptional people to discuss science and practical skills you can implement to become the most healthy, resilient, and impactful version of yourself.

On a mission to equip people to pursue audacious goals, thrive in uncertainty, and live a healthy and fulfilled life, Dr. Erik Korem is a High-Performance pioneer. He introduced sports science and athlete-tracking technologies to collegiate and professional (NFL) football over a decade ago. He has worked with the National Football League, Power-5 NCAA programs, gold-medal Olympians, Nike, and the United States Department of Defense.

Erik is an expert in sleep and stress resilience. He is the Founder and CEO of AIM7, a health and fitness app that unlocks the power of wearables by providing you with daily personalized recommendations to enhance your mind, body, and recovery.


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The BluePrint Podcast is for busy professionals and Household CEOs who care deeply about their famil 
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