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STI 208 - Jane Boulware - Author of "Worthy" and retired Microsoft Exec: Worthy

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Speaking to Influence

When you speak, do you want to inspire others and be recognized as a true leader? Do you want to feel more confident, have greater influence, and get  
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In this episode, Jane Boulware, author of Worthy: From Cornfields to Corner Office of Microsoft, shares her journey from rural Iowa to becoming a top executive at Microsoft. She emphasizes the importance of overcoming self-doubt and claiming one's worth.

Boulware discusses the need to adapt communication styles to connect with different audiences while staying authentic. She also highlights the difference between managing and leading, emphasizing the importance of inspiring and motivating others.

Boulware shares her experiences of being dismissed and how she used the word 'yet' to fuel her determination. She encourages others to never give up and to keep pushing forward.

In this conversation, Jane Boulware discusses various challenges and strategies related to leadership and personal growth. She addresses the issue of dealing with toxic individuals in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and removing toxic behavior.

Boulware also explores the difference between feeling afraid and being good enough, highlighting the need to embrace fear as a catalyst for growth.

Additionally, she shares insights from her experience at Microsoft, where she learned the value of leadership and collaboration.

Boulware concludes by discussing the relevance of the Gottman Institute's four horsemen of the apocalypse in both personal and professional relationships.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Overcoming self-doubt and claiming one's worth is essential for success.
  • Adapting communication styles to connect with different audiences while staying authentic is crucial.
  • Leadership involves inspiring and motivating others, while management focuses on tasks and deadlines.
  • Using the word 'yet' can fuel determination and help overcome obstacles.
  • Never giving up and pushing forward is key to achieving goals.
  • Recognize and remove toxic behavior in the workplace.
  • Embrace fear as a catalyst for growth.
  • Focus on collaboration and leveraging the strengths of team members.
  • Celebrate successes and recognize personal worth.
  • Apply relationship-building strategies to both personal and professional contexts.

About Jane:

Jane is an inspiring and dynamic catalyst for change whose stories, humor and honesty empowers all to rethink what’s possible. From the cornfields of rural Iowa, Jane Boulware defied expectations to build billion-dollar businesses, lead the US’s largest merger and rise to top Microsoft executive.

Jane’s unconventional career and approach blazed a trail for many. “My failures and success show worth isn’t defined by what you have or have not, but by what you make, claim, and give of what you got.” All proceeds from her book Worthy go to Boys & Girls Clubs scholarships.


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Speaking to Influence

When you speak, do you want to inspire others and be recognized as a true leader? Do you want to fee 
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