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Coffee Storage Best Practices

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In this episode, Kenneth sits down with Stefan Tribble to discuss the best ways to store your coffee. They explain how light, heat, moisture, and oxygen begin to break down coffee beans.

Listen to this episode to find out whether you should store your coffee beans on the counter, in the fridge or in the freezer. As well as to learn what type of container will keep your coffee at its freshest for the longest. They also explain how to tell whether the coffee you are buying is fresh, including what the bloom is and how it helps you to establish how fresh your coffee is.


  • Oxygen is good for us but bad for coffee beans! Exposure to it causes oxidation, which is a bit like rust.
  • Some storage canisters enable you to remove most all of the oxygen.
  • Choose an opaque, air-tight container with a one-way valve when possible. 
  • Coffee beans may look hard and durable, but they are not - they are just as susceptible to organic decay as any other plant product.
  • You would not leave a piece of fruit in a hot place, so don´t do that to your beans.
  • Light also leads to the beans beginning to break down. This is called photodegradation.
  • While beans always stay fresher than ground coffee.
  • Buying fresh coffee is an essential first step. In the episode, Stefan and Kenneth explain how to ensure that you do this.


‘If it's a good quality bag, make sure you're sealing it in the bag that you purchase it. Make sure that it's got a one-way valve on it. ´

‘Also be careful of temperature fluctuations because that can lead to condensation.’

‘Photodegradation (light exposure) leads to a loss in aroma and flavor.’

‘Ground coffee is going to degrade way quicker than the whole bean and it has to do with surface area.’


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As a coffee lover, physician, chemical engineer, serial entrepreneur, competitive runner, writer, and family man, Kenneth knows what it’s like to push yourself to achieve goals very few accomplish. He’s one of the best specialty coffee roasters in the United States as he’s a multi-year US Coffee Roasters’ Competition Finalist. He created Umble Coffee Co with the belief that, if sourced and roasted right, coffee can taste phenomenal and be good for you.

“Life’s too short to drink bad coffee.”


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Coffee 101 is an educational show on all things coffee. The host, Kenneth Thomas, starts with the most basic questions about coffee and builds your knowledge from there. If you love coffee, are curious about coffee, or you’re a business just looking for a resource to train your team, Coffee 101 is without question the show for you! Season 1 is all about coffee’s journey from seed to shelf. 

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Coffee 101 is an educational show on all things coffee. The host, Kenneth Thomas, starts with the mo 
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