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Tea Basics - Pu-er, Oolong, Black

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In this episode, Kenneth once again sits down with Jeff Champeau who is the President of Rishi Tea and Botanicals to continue their tea basics discussion. This time they are talking about Pu-er, Oolong, and Black tea. They also go into details on English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Chai.

Jeff explains tea processing, brewing, taste profiles, and caffeine content.


  • There are two types of Pu-er. 
  • Pu-er stimulates digestion. The ripe version is pro-biotic.
  • Sun-drying reactivates the enzymes in Pu-er.
  • Oolong tea comes in a wide range of oxidation levels, so is available in many colors. 
  • Black tea actually looks reddish.
  • English breakfast tea is usually a combination of two black teas.
  • Earl Grey is a scented black tea that includes bergamot.
  • Chai is spiced tea.
  • Kung-fu tea is usually infused multiple times.


‘Once that pile fermentation is done, the tea is simply dried. ´

‘The range of aromatic compounds that we can get out of oolong tea is impressive.’

‘Chai means tea in Hindi.’



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Coffee 101 is an educational show on all things coffee.  Join Kenneth and Katie as they start with the most basic questions about coffee and build your knowledge from there.  If you love coffee, are curious about coffee, or you’re a business just looking for a resource to train your team, Coffee 101 is without question the show for you!

Season 1 is all about coffee’s journey from ‘seed to shelf’.

Season 2 is all about coffee’s journey from ‘shelf to sip’.

ABOUT THE HOST: Kenneth Thomas is also an instructor with Stanford Continuing Studies for an all-in-one coffee class. He owns and is head roaster at Umble Coffee Co. He and Umble Coffee have been consistently ranked one of the best specialty coffee roasters in the United States. Kenneth is very passionate about coffee and coffee education.

ABOUT THE CO-HOST: Katie Thomas is Kenneth’s oldest daughter and brings an entertaining flair to the podcast.  She’s still learning about coffee and thus makes the perfect co-host.  She, like the listeners, would claim to be a ‘101-er’ - like you - coffee curious.  She’ll be the future of the coffee industry, and the future looks very bright!


Want to reach Kenneth? Have questions, show ideas, or want to just let us know you’re enjoying the show? The best way is to leave us a great review and put your thoughts in the comment section - Kenneth reads all of them! The second-best way is through DM on social media.

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Coffee 101 is an educational show on all things coffee. The host, Kenneth Thomas, starts with the mo 
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