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Empowering Diversity: Insights from Beauty Industry Leaders | James Vivian, Peta Friend & Agnes Dube | Highlights Season 8

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This episode focuses on the importance of inclusivity in the beauty and aesthetic industry. The hosts and panelists discuss their personal experiences and the need for a welcoming and judgment-free environment for all clients. They also provide practical tools and tips for creating an inclusive space and advocating for inclusivity in the industry. 

The conversation highlights the importance of representation for trans individuals and people of color, as well as the medical imperative for inclusive treatments. The panelists discuss the medicalisation of gender affirmation, the need for diversity training, and the challenges faced by transgender individuals in finding inclusive and understanding therapists. They explore the importance of cultural sensitivity and the impact of correctly understanding the science and medical aspects of treating different skin types and ethnicities. The conversation also highlights the need for education and advocacy to create a more inclusive industry. The guests share personal experiences and insights on being an ally and advocate for inclusivity.


  • Inclusivity is essential in the beauty industry to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all clients.
  • Practical tools, such as using inclusive language and asking open-ended questions, can help create a more inclusive experience for clients.
  • Representation of trans individuals and people of color in the beauty industry is an underserved topic and needs to be considered in making everyone feel seen and valued.
  • There is a medical imperative for inclusivity, as different individuals may have specific needs and considerations. 
  • Inclusivity and diversity training are crucial in the aesthetic beauty industry to ensure that all clients feel welcome and understood.
  • Cultural sensitivity is essential in providing effective treatments and creating a comfortable environment for clients of different backgrounds.
  • Understanding the science and medical impact of treating different skin types and ethnicities is necessary to provide safe and effective treatments.
  • Advocacy and education are key in promoting inclusivity and creating a more inclusive industry.
  • Continuous learning and curiosity are important for personal and professional growth in understanding and supporting diverse communities.

00:00 Introduction and Background
02:46 The Importance of Inclusivity
06:01 Creating a Welcoming Environment
08:58 Practical Tools for Inclusivity
13:09 Inclusivity in the Beauty Industry
21:10 Self-Advocacy and Community Support for Trans Individuals
26:03 Representation of People of Color in the Beauty Industry
30:12 The Importance of Safe and Inclusive Treatments
32:54 Medical Imperative for Inclusivity
35:18 The Medicalization of Gender Affirmation
36:18 The Importance of Diversity Training
37:18 Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity
38:15 Understanding the Science and Medical Impact of Inclusivity
40:37 Considerations for Different Skin Types and Ethnicities
41:33 Respecting Cultural Heritage in Aesthetic Treatments
42:24 The Need for Education on Treating African Patients
43:45 Addressing Holistic Factors in Skin Treatments
44:43 Advocating for Inclusivity as a Consumer
45:12 The Importance of Asking the Right Questions
46:06 Skincare as a Full Experience
47:04 The Human Need for Belonging and Inclusivity
48:03 Being an Ally for Transgender People
49:28 Advocacy and Education for Inclusivity
50:54 Advocating for Yourself as a Consumer
53:35 The Importance of Curiosity and Continuous Learning
54:33 Taking Action as an Ally
57:55 The Impact of Inclusivity on Personal and Professional Growth
01:00:19 The Journey of Integration and Belonging
01:02:11 The Need for Education and Conversation
01:04:10 The Power of Empathy and Positive Impact
01:05:07 Continuing the Conversation and Striving for Improvement

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