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The Walk Of Life With Ramona Rogers

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The Walk Of Life

This is a show with a very diverse range of guests. Cheryl will be interviewing or conversing with many guests from all walks of life – each contribut 
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On this bonus episode of The Walk Of Life podcast, Cheryl Thibault is joined by Ramona Rogers to discuss her journey as well as a chapter she wrote entitled ‘Life’s Prisons Cannot Hold Me’.

  • Over the years – the last half a century or so – I’ve learned that a lot of the time you don’t even know what you’re capable of, life comes at you, you don’t know how to deal with it. Learning how to cope with obstacles and challenges is part of the journey.
  • When I was 4-years-old I had a twin brother and I remember a day when my mother took us to the doctor for a check-up. I was sitting on the floor playing with some toys when the doctor came out saying something to my mother. I didn’t recall it for years, but what he told her was that one twin would have intellectual properties and the other wouldn’t be sufficient in that arena. My mother asked him which one that was and he pointed at me. He counted me out before I even had an opportunity to start life. That was reiterated by kids on my street when we’d play outside, I’d hear “she’s a cute little girl but she’s dumb”. That set my mindset for years, I didn’t push the envelope because I felt I was incapable. 
  • I went through postpartum depression after having my second daughter. If you’ve ever been through depression it’s debilitating, you can’t function, it takes your mindset, you can’t manoeuvre, there’s nothing you can do about it. When I finally got to feeling better, 6 months later, I looked at my daughters and decided something’s gonna change, my daughters won’t life the limited life I’m living and life changed
  • On the journey you grow because you’re learning and being challenged, it pushes the resilient part of you and pushes you to the next thing because you have to figure it out and think differently in order to get past the particular obstacle or challenge that’s in front of you at the time. A lot of the time we don’t think of it that way, we think about it as “why is this happening to me?”, but when you’re heading to that next elevation of life there are some challenges there, but they’re all there to help you grow and get you to that next level.

‘If you desire to live you’ll find a way to live.’
‘When I had my two girls watching me, like I watched my mother, I started pushing the envelope, trying new things. I became a four-time author, entrepreneur, etc. I started opening doors and more doors opened after that and it raised my self-esteem.’
‘When you do nothing, you get nothing.’
‘Where there’s no struggle there’s no strength.’
Ramona Rogers’ journey as an entrepreneur and coach began many years ago in her home town of Tulsa Oklahoma where she watched her parents and grandparents own and operate their own businesses. As a child she received hands-on experience working in many of those family entities. As one of the youngest of eight, she always went above and beyond the call of duty to prove her abilities. This is how she established her strong work ethic. Her mother stayed home to raise her and her siblings while they were young. At home her mother enforced the importance of order, discipline and cleanliness while her father exhibited how to be hard working and versatile, working two or three jobs at a time to provide for the family. The characteristics her parents embodied and displayed throughout her childhood gave her the model that she needed to set and measure her own life by. Even with these models, Ramona struggled with low self-esteem and lacked confidence in herself for a number of years. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she discovered her true self as well as her purpose in life. Drawing from the traits her parents modelled during her childhood helped her establish high standards, resiliency, creativity, and versatility, Ramona has used her skills to positively impact the lives of others.
Socials: @iamramonarogers
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Cheryl Thibault is a visionary, entrepreneur, multi-business owner, educator, influencer, and game changer in the beauty industry. A student of life, who will never stop growing and learning. She is assertive and an uncompromising beauty professional, and has been for over 40 years.  As a long time founder/owner of beauty spas and education centres since 1981,
An Author, Co-Author and currently penning a series of books dedicated to telling her life story, overcoming struggles, and gaining life and career success. She is a true trailblazer and actively integrates love, understanding and compassion into all areas of her life as she influences thousands around the world to carry that forward.
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The Walk Of Life

This is a show with a very diverse range of guests. Cheryl will be interviewing or conversing with m 
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