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The Walk Of Life With Christine Bowen

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The Walk Of Life

This is a show with a very diverse range of guests. Cheryl will be interviewing or conversing with many guests from all walks of life – each contribut 
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On this bonus episode of The Walk Of Life podcast, Cheryl Thibault is joined by Christine Bowen about her journey as well as her chapter in the book ‘Disrupting The Status Quo’.

  • A lot of people don’t realise how vulnerable kids can be, we often think that kids aren’t around and listening – believe me, they are! When I was around 14 years old my aunts were in the kitchen discussing me, but not in a positive manner. They were saying that I wasn’t going to amount to anything and I may not even graduate high school. I never thought these things would come out of the mouths of people who say they love you.
  • I had been given away by my mother when I was 2 weeks old to be raised by another family. So, I’d already gone through rejection and abandonment, so you cling to those who you think love you and those you think you can trust. After the hurt and thinking “what’s so bad about me?” After hearing them speak about me, I wanted to deny it, but I couldn’t because they were right there. I had to digest that at that age and I eventually got to a place of saying “no, that does not define who I am”, and I set out to make them a liar.
  • This catapulted me to even where I am today, as a breast cancer survivor. When you get a diagnosis that doesn’t define who you are, you have to make the choice of are you going to fight or are you going to give up? I fought then, I’m cancer free since 2010, I refuse to believe anything else and I refuse to believe that I couldn’t be somebody, that I wasn’t worth having a company, being a director, going to get my Master’s Degree, now working on my Doctoral Degree. I couldn’t allow the negativity to suffocate me to where I couldn’t be living on purpose.
  • There is purpose in each one of us. You have a purpose, you have a desire. If you say you’re an artist, go be an artist, go take a class, there are free classes, we’re out of excuses as to why we can’t live, why we can’t live with purpose, why we can’t be happy. Some of us are living, but we’re not actually living. We’re living to survive, we’re living for other people, we’re living to feed our families, but you're not actually living and able to enjoy life. That’s where I am now.

‘Don’t give up and allow negativity to hinder you or keep you from moving forward with the things you want to do with your life. People can say what they want to but it’s you who has to take the action. Are you going to do what you’re called to do or are you going to go ahead and give them what they’re actually thinking about your worth?’
‘It’s unfortunate, but a lot of times those closest to you are the ones that will hurt you.’
‘Too often we just settle, in how to pay the bills and even in love. We don’t think that we can do better or that we’re worth more. We’ve got to stop settling and start moving and living on purpose.’
‘I’m living my purpose by the writing that I’m doing. I never saw myself as an author, I didn’t even like writing papers in class. But when I begin to write what’s in my heart, what’s downloaded in me to write, I can’t stop writing. Then, when you see what you’ve created and other people can read it and it impacts their life, you now know this is your purpose.’
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Cheryl Thibault is a visionary, entrepreneur, multi-business owner, educator, influencer, and game changer in the beauty industry. A student of life, who will never stop growing and learning. She is assertive and an uncompromising beauty professional, and has been for over 40 years.  As a long time founder/owner of beauty spas and education centres since 1981,
An Author, Co-Author and currently penning a series of books dedicated to telling her life story, overcoming struggles, and gaining life and career success. She is a true trailblazer and actively integrates love, understanding and compassion into all areas of her life as she influences thousands around the world to carry that forward.
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The Walk Of Life

This is a show with a very diverse range of guests. Cheryl will be interviewing or conversing with m 
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