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99% are falling behind with AI because of these 3 Mistakes

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Get ready to supercharge your AI game with Ryan as he shares three mind-blowing mistakes 99% of people are making with AI implementation. Discover how to overcome these pitfalls and join the 1% who are revolutionizing the way they integrate AI into their business.

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  • Treat AI like a person, not software, to maximize its strengths and adjust for its weaknesses
  • Provide context to AI about its role and experience to improve output quality
  • Understand that AI excels at complex tasks but may struggle with simple ones like math
  • Document what AI does well and poorly for your specific use case
  • Leveraging AI effectively can free up time and allow you to focus on things you love
  • AI is advancing rapidly, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success
  • Psychological patterns can hinder AI adoption, leading to missed opportunities
  • Integrating AI into your business can have positive downstream effects on personal life and relationships


"The expectations that people have are that it does everything amazing. Now, what I'm going to get into are the three mistakes that people are making, but I wanted to kick it off and show you that because that's that key understanding of how to use it, it's not going to be a straight line going across, there's going to be tasks that it's amazing at, and then tests that it's not so good at is going to be some of the keys to the castle."

"You need to expect it to act like a person, right? And as weird as that sounds, it's not a person. It's not sentient.”

"If you could free up like 10 hours a week how amazing would that be? Or if you could just offload. To an AI intern, like the things that you hate about your job and do the things that you love doing, like how cool would that be?"

"This is a psychological pattern that I see people falling into that's stopping them from literally using one of the most powerful things that we've ever had in terms of mankind, and it just kills me inside."

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

Whale Boss 

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