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Discovering Inner Peace with Nicole Goott

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John Kenny interviews Nicole Goott, an author, thought partner, spiritual mentor, and facilitator. Nicole shares her insights on discovering joy and inner peace within oneself, drawing from her book "Yoga and the Five Elements: Spiritual Wisdom for Everyday Living." She explains how the five elements (earth, water, air, fire, and space) can be used as a framework for personal growth and self-discovery. Nicole emphasises the importance of integrating these elements to achieve balance and fulfilment in both our physical and spiritual selves. The conversation delves into the significance of relationships and how they can serve as catalysts for personal transformation. Nicole also highlights the role of self-awareness and taking responsibility for our own reactions and actions in relationships. 


  • The book "Yoga and the Five Elements" by Nicole Goott offers practical exercises and prompts to help individuals discover joy within themselves and bring balance to their physical and non-physical selves.

  • The five elements (earth, water, air, fire, and space) are a framework for understanding and working with different aspects of ourselves and the world around us.

  • Earth represents embodiment and grounding, water represents flow and moving through obstacles, air represents the perspective and the ability to see things from a higher point of view, fire represents transformation and aligning with one's unique path, and space represents integration and interconnectedness.

  • Relationships play a significant role in our lives, shaping our growth and self-discovery. They provide opportunities for learning about ourselves, breaking patterns, and finding alignment with others who share similar beliefs and worldviews.

  • Taking responsibility for our own reactions and actions in relationships is essential for personal growth and healing. It involves letting go of blame, forgiving, and focusing on our own healing and self-care.


"I help people really discover joy within themselves." 

"When we're in touch with the soul's point of view, we really are elevating ourselves to a higher perspective." 

"It's never really about the other person. We're responsible for our actions and reactions."

"Help is always around us. It's always available to us and there's grace around us."

"Every moment is an opportunity to realise yourself, practice kindness to yourself and others, and live as lightly as you can on the earth." 




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