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Unearthed! in Spring 2024, Part 1

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Time for all the things literally or figuratively unearthed in the first quarter of 2024. Part one includes updates, burial sites, walls, edibles and potables, and art and architecture. 


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  • CBS News. “Theft of ruby slippers from "Wizard of Oz" was reformed mobster's "one last score," court memo says.” 1/21/2024.
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  • Quiblawi, Adnan. “Spanish Archaeologists Make the Sweet Discovery of a 19th-Century Chocolate Factory.” ArtNet. 2/15/2024.
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  • Schrader, Adam. “The Van Gogh Museum Fires Four Staff Members Over Pokémon Chaos.” ArtNet. 1/24/2024.
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  • S. Department of the Interior. “Interior Department Announces Final Rule for Implementation of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.” 12/6/2023.
  • “Anglo-Saxon cemetery discovered in Lincolnshire to appear on BBC.”
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  • Whiddington, Richard. “Archaeologists in Brazil Discover 16 New Rock Art Sites.” ArtNet. 3/14/2024.
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