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Dr. Cate Shanahan: Dark Calories - The Health-Destructive Effects Of Vegetable Oils And How To Eradicate Them And Reclaim Your Health

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Join Brad Kearns, New York Times bestselling author and champion triathlete, Speedgolfer, and masters high jumper, in pursuing peak performance with p 
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It’s time to welcome back to the show for the third time, my good friend Dr. Cate Shanahan on the occasion of the publication of her latest, sensational book!

This best-selling author is back at it again with Dark Calories—How Vegetable Oils Destroy Our Health and How We Can Get It Back. This stuff has a high shock value, starting out with the book description: did you know that consuming a large serving of french fries served in vegetable oil delivers the toxicity of smoking 24 cigarettes? 

Get ready people, this is an illuminating and educational show that will take you through the shocking and disturbing story of why we turned away from natural fats and got into the world of polyunsaturated oils, the “sinister figure” and “flawed and manipulative” science behind this major cultural shift that occurred back in the 1950s that demonized saturated fat and convinced everyone to switch from butter to margarine. It is a shady, shocking story, and it is now time to take control of our health, especially as we navigate the modern food options and place central focus on what is now being strongly identified as the single most offensive agent we consume in our modern diet—what Dr. Shanahan calls the Hateful Eight (health-destructive oils like soybean, canola, corn, cottonseed, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed and rice bran oil). 

In this show, you will learn why vegetable oils are so bad and what they do inside the body to hamper your ability to burn stored body fat—and this poses a big problem, because if you’re not good at fat burning, then you are going to get hungry and eat too much food, which leads to gaining more weight, getting sick, and other diet-related diseases of modern times that are tied to metabolic syndrome, like diabetes and cancer. The final third of the book is a solution and offers great tips from Dr. Cate about how to navigate through food choices when you're shopping (especially when you're dining out) and a message of hope and how we can take matters into our own hands. Because if we wait around for government policy or corporate interest to say, “Hey, guess what? We finally figured out this stuff is bad for you and we're not gonna sell it anymore!”, you're going to be waiting a long time. So, it’s time to take action right now, starting with listening very carefully to this show and going out and purchasing the book Dark Calories.

Here we go with Dr. Cate Shanahan from her home in Florida.

Cotton seed
Rice Bran


Did you know that consuming a large serving of french fries cooked in vegetable oil delivers the toxicity of smoking 24 cigarettes?  [00:52]

Dr. Cate has focused her research and writing on the dangers of vegetable oils in our diet. [03:21]

Vegetable oils are very harmful in and so pervasive in the food supply. It causes oxidative stress which is at the root cause of every disease. [07:39]

When they are making vegetable oils, it has been refined like they for crude oil, like what you use in your car. They are filled with toxins. [13:12]

Oxidative stress is the basis of all disease.  This wasn’t really understood until the 1980s [18:21]

Other than vegetable oils, how else are we screwing up our health? [24:33]

Be careful where your donations to  research programs go. They are not looking at the causes of disease, but rather they are looking for new drugs. [31:33]

Ansel Keys was a physiologist who worked with doctors & convinced the medical community about the causes of heart attacks.  The information that he put out was totally erroneous & the community bought it. [32:10]

A lot of nutritional science from big institutions is not science, but is marketing. [36:51]

Soy oil is more obesogenic than anything else being studied. [40:02]

A highly regarded market like Whole Foods is supposed to be presenting healthy alternatives to other markets yet they have canola oil in their hot bar and in products on their shelves.  [44:32]

The average American, who doesn't know that these oils are toxic is getting them whenever they eat out or eat at institutions like schools, hospitals, workplaces, etc. [47:48]

The term vegetable oil came about to distinguish this oil from whale oil but it’s not made from carrots, tomatoes and celery. These oils come from seeds. [51:47]

How do these oils cause obesity? Problematic body fat is body fat that has a chemical composition that your cells cannot use to generate energy. [55:11]

The keto diet now doesn’t help people as much as it used to. [01:04:31]

The keto diet isn’t the only diet you need to follow. [01:06:09]

Vegetable oils make you insulin resistant. [01:08:24]

When Cate dines out, how does she navigate the menus of the restaurants? [01:11:31]




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Join Brad Kearns, New York Times bestselling author and champion triathlete, speedgolfer, and master 
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