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Brad’s Precision Medicine Experience With Wild Health

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The B.rad Podcast

Join Brad Kearns, New York Times bestselling author and champion triathlete, Speedgolfer, and masters high jumper, in pursuing peak performance with p 
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Get ready to go deep into the cutting edge of health optimization that is customized precision medicine!

I discuss my personal experience with precision medicine, so this show focuses on the results of my genetic testing, blood testing, and expert 1:1 physician and health coach support. Today, we have an opportunity like never before to personalize our health data and medical guidance, and strive for optimization instead of just disease prevention like the mainstream model. 

As I detail the results of my genetic testing, you’ll realize how running your own DNA report can reveal numerous particulars in your genetic profile that influence your diet, exercise, sleep and lifestyle behaviors. You can learn how your genetic variations called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms, aka “snips”) expose your personal frailties, tendencies, and sensitivities, so you can dial in the right lifestyle practices like never before. 

One profound example is my genetic report for muscle fiber ratios, where I’m around 54% strength/power and 46% endurance. This means I respond well to high intensity workouts, but require more recovery time, and that I have difficulty with high volume endurance training. Well, I battled against reality during my triathlete career, and I wish I’d known this information so I could have designed a more appropriate customized program. Diet is also an extremely important area to apply your genetic insights to, since you can discover things like an increased need for choline and B vitamins, tolerance to carbs and fats, and other things.

Then, cross reference your comprehensive blood panel to reveal the impact of your genetics and your current lifestyle behaviors. Some folks thrive off vegan plant-based, others on carnivore, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of following the latest fad or become convinced by whoever conveys their message the loudest. No more of that, and no more guesswork when it comes to matters of life or death. I strongly encourage you to consider the great offering from Wild Health. There are numerous other providers offering online precision medicine too, and I’m really impressed by the thoughtfulness and fantastic personal coaching I receive from my Wild Health physician, Dr. Tom McCoy, and my coach Ray Fernandez.

Here is the official promo message from, and I can extend a generous 20% discount on your services with the code BRADPODCAST.

Wild Health is an online provider of comprehensive health consultation services. They offer DNA analysis, custom lab panels, extensive medical intake with family history and lifestyle preferences, and regular online visits with a board-certified precision medicine physician, and a health coach—whom you can message anytime through their convenient app.

Wild Health evaluates your data to determine what your body needs for nutrition, exercise, sleep, and supplements—you can experiment, consult, and re-test to get everything dialed in. You’ll get a cutting edge epigenetic test of DNA methylation to calculate your all-important biological age, and have fun lowering your age over time instead of following the common path to accelerated aging.



Customized one-on-one testing and consultation are available in labs independent of the mainstream medicine. [01:57]

These tests can determine your ancestral genetic attributes regarding physical factors, diet, and maybe explain why some things work with others but not for you. [04:18]

Eighty percent of adult population in the world is lactose intolerant. [08:27]

LDL alone is not a reliable risk factor for heart disease. [12:48]

If your doctor still refers to LDL as bad cholesterol, they are 30 or 40 years behind the emerging science.  [15:53]

Methylation is representing the body’s ability to carry out the process of adding carbon atoms or methyl groups to compounds. It tells you how well you are processing nutrients and recovering from stress. [21:10]

When you have leaky gut syndrome, you are not extracting and assimilating the nutrients from your diet. [23:36]

Brad found out much about his entire physical being after these tests.  He found out many vitamins and minerals that he was sensitive to. It is very important to get Vitamin D from sun exposure. [28:32]

Another section of the report gives astonishing insight with strength to endurance ratio. Brad would have trained differently had he had that information. [36:46]

Even if you are training for short races, you need to emphasize comfortably paced aerobic training to build your aerobic base.  [45:07]

The report points out if you are getting enough good sleep, which is so very important. [51:52]

Brad finds out about his own genes that he has a slower breakdown of the cannabinoids. He also finds that his response to the ketogenic diet is associated with less cognitive benefit from ketosis.   [01:01:46]

Brad is encouraging everyone to get an analysis of their biological age, and your diet needs along with strength to endurance ratio. [01:06:40]

Deepak Chopra says there are three ages that are relevant: your birth age, your biological age, and your psychological age. [01:11:50]

The blood’s lab reports are very informative and should be monitored frequently. Some of the most important tests to get are testosterone, Vitamin D, and fasting insulin. [01:17:11]




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The B.rad Podcast

Join Brad Kearns, New York Times bestselling author and champion triathlete, speedgolfer, and master 
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