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UNLOCK Your Gut’s FULL Potential: Top Tests, Kid Probiotics & Poop Secrets!

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Bloating, gas, constipation, and food intolerances — you've probably experienced these symptoms before. In fact, a study evaluating gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms in Americans found that out of 71,812 people, 61 percent reported GI problems in the last week. Experiencing gut health issues is nothing to take lightly, though...  

For example, "leaky gut" — an increase in intestinal permeability — can allow toxins, bacteria, and undigested food particles into the bloodstream, potentially causing inflammation and autoimmune reactions. Disruptions in the gut-brain axis may also contribute to conditions like anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Additionally, malabsorption of nutrients in the gut can lead to deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

In this "Best of Gut Health" compilation episode, you'll embark on a journey through the world of gut health with my top subject matter experts, getting the opportunity to explore alternatives to GLP-1 weight loss drugs and the latest in probiotics, uncovering the secrets of microbiome testing and its impact on your mood, gaining insights into the delicate balance of a child's microbiome, unlocking the intricate link between eating disorders and gut health, delving into the power of cold thermogenesis in triggering fat loss, and much more!

Each of my guests offers a deep dive into gut health, bringing a unique perspective to the table. Dr. Coleen Cutcliffe emphasizes the role of specific bacteria in stimulating GLP-1 production and highlights the importance of a high-fiber diet in this process, which metabolizes into short-chain fatty acids, ultimately influencing insulin responses, blood sugar regulation, and food cravings. Meanwhile, Dr. Patrick Hanaway sheds light on microbiome testing, explaining the significance of individual biomarkers like calprotectin and pancreatic elastase in assessing gut health. He also touches on the impact of gut bacteria on mood and the emerging field of psychobiotics.

On the other hand, Raja Dhir discusses supporting children's microbiome, stressing factors like breastfeeding and diet diversity in shaping an infant's gut microbiome. Additionally, Dr. Lauryn Lax explores the concept of total gut reset, linking eating disorders to gut health and discussing strategies for managing conditions like constipation. Lastly, Joel Greene tackles the role of cold thermogenesis in weight loss, explaining its impact on fat loss and sharing tips for optimizing this process for better results.

With a wealth of expert perspectives, tips, biohacks, and more, this show is tailor-made for anyone experiencing gut health issues and searching for answers.

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