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Purposeful Values... Contributing To A Better World - Paul D. Lowe And Natalia Blagoeva, Noha Hefny & Keshav Gupta

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Paul is joined by three returning guests on this episode; Natalia Blagoeva, Noha Nefny and Keshav Gupta to talk about how certain values we hold can be holding us back and how others, or changing the undated ones we already hold, may help to make the world a better place.

Is it even a necessity to have values, are they really that important, are they just a luxury? Or are they core to being your authentic self, are they the force behind every action you take and how do they impact the way you see yourself and others? Is it time for us to go back to basics?


  • Context and culture change the meanings of certain ways of looking, like ‘ladies first’ being patronising. In some ways, more traditional values should be applied more in the world today.
  • We’ve reached a point where words have very little meaning when they’re used in branding, both corporate and personal, and we’re inventing new words so that we stand out from the crowd. Sometimes we see people that truly share our values but we also see a kind of hypocrisy where we say the same things but we mean completely different things. This is a problem with big organisations. Start-ups are usually much more connected to their values.
  • During the pandemic people realised that they need to stand up for what matters most and reconnect to their values that they stand for, to be there for their children, their partners, their communities and that these are the things that truly matter.
  • Love is beyond just partners or family, it’s love of humanity, love for the  planet, love for the people, connecting with others on a soul/spiritual level. It’s for the good of not just ourselves, but for our communities. But to have love you must have shared values or motivators.
  • I’m tired of seeing amazing people burning their wings and getting disheartened because they’re not able to achieve what they’re really passionate about. People need to collaborate and partner with people who share their dreams. It will help to scale our impact.’


‘We all have values that lead us, they’re much deeper and exist whether we talk about them or not.’

‘If you don’t know the values that are important to you, how will you do business with anyone?’

‘The basic, core values of humanity are the ones that really matter: kindness; compassion; empathy; love.’

‘We need to be able to talk to people with completely different opinions to us and move beyond either/or situations and trying to be right.’



Natalia Blagoeva

Natalia Blagoeva is an experienced management consultant, executive coach, facilitator, motivational speaker and trainer partnering with people and empowering them to foster:

  • LEADERSHIP & STRATEGY that awakens opportunities and elicits people’s greatness.
  • CULTURE & VALUES that make people feel great about their lives.
  • EXPERIENCES that touch lives in a profound way.
  • TRANSFORMATIONS that are meaningful but simple.

She is very happy to be able to impact the lives of others while partnering with some very passionate, intelligent and driven professionals utilizing her credentials as a:

  • Executive MBA and Certificates in Global Management and Authentic Leadership
  • Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant from the Barrett Values Centre
  • Certified Net Promoter Expert
  • Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP from ATD)
  • Pioneers for Change Fellowship
  • 25 Years of Executive Experience 

Websites: &

Noha Hefny

Founder & CEO, People of Impact, a social impact innovation platform and network helping people and organizations deliver social impact and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Noha is an award-winning humanitarian, corporate leader, and serial social entrepreneur with two decades of global experience in Social Impact, Communications and Strategic Partnerships. She worked for leading organizations including the UN at UNHCR, UNESCO and UN Women, and then in the private sector as Regional Director at PepsiCo and McKinsey & Company, heading departments including communications and corporate social responsibility.

She is a co-author, Global Ambassador for Female Civility and Founding Member & Ambassador, Women Heart to Heart. She previously, co-founded “She is Arab”, a platform for Arab women addressing their under-representation in leadership and in speaking roles. She serves as a board member and strategic advisor for several non-profit and social enterprise boards including Women 4 Solutions, World Women Conferences & Awards, Yagazie Foundation and the African Women Health Project International. Selected as one of the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise by the European Euclid Network supported by the European Commission in 2021.


Kashav Gupta

Keshav Gupta is the Fiounde rof the Dais, & International Centre for Sustainable Development, organisations dedicated to the 2030 Agenda and Youth Empowerment. A Tedx Speaker, Keshav is the winner of Karmaveer Chakra 2018, by iCONGO in Partnership with the United Nations and Global Green Schools Award at the UNGA Climate Action Week, NYC 2017. An alumnus of the University of Dehli with education in Economics and Law, Keshav has previously worked with District Administration as the Advisor for Civil Society Support and Localisation of SDGs through projects related to capacity building, reporting, accounting and policy alignment of SDGs withon government frameworks.



Paul has made a remarkable transformation from existing for many years in dark, desperate despair; to now living a really healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

From an early age, he was in the vice-like clutches of the demon drink and constantly embroiled within a dark cocktail of toxic beliefs, self-hate and destructive violence.

Along with his empathetic and dedicated team of world-class coaches and mentors, Paul’s purpose is deeply transformational:

Developing World Game-Changers…

He is extremely passionate about helping others to find their purpose, have a voice and ultimately, make a real difference.  

This has been built on a long and distinguished history of heart-centred coaching and mentoring.  He has also been responsible for raising significant amounts of funds for many charities and good causes around the world; positively impacting and inspiring thousands of children – mainly from challenging backgrounds – within the UK & worldwide.

Through this World Game-Changers podcast and books, he has been involved in – including being a best-selling co-author – Paul also helps others to get their own inspirational messages and stories out into the world; as well as offering support to many charitable organisations, in their development & fund-raising.


Tel: +44 (0)7958 042 155


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