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The Power of Naturopathy With Dr Erica Wood

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In this episode Ariel is joined by Dr Erica Wood about what naturopathy actually is and all the ways it can help you.
Always ask your doctor before taking anyone's advice.
A Naturopathic Doctor has graduated from a naturopathic medical school and often a multi-year residency, as compared to a Naturopath, who does an online, much shorter course of study.
Dr Erica's Tips:

  • Fresh air and morning sunlight to set sleep/wake cycle
  • Fresh water: 10 oz. of water before you walk out the door, and half your body weight in ounces a day
  • Protein: 5 servings of palm-size a day.  The "high five." 3 meals and 2 snacks.
  • Movement and breathing. Taking 4 deep breaths in, exhale for 6 counts.
  • Sleep: the best thing you can do.


  • Naturopathy basically uses nature as medicine to try to find the root cause of what’s going on. There are 7 principles of naturopathic medicine: The V (the healing power of nature), identify and treat the cause, doctor as teacher, treating the whole person, prevention, the power of medical literature, the power of research and how it can help our profession.
  • I see patients from 3 days old up to 100 and we treat everything from gut dysbiosis to mood to PMS to perimenopause to ADHD, it all blends together, you don’t treat one disease you treat the whole person.
  • In Covid a lot of people got really focussed on their health because they were locked inside and what else was there to do but focus on your health? People were afraid of getting Covid so they realised the power of prevention and things they could do to lower their co-morbidities (other diseases that could lower our chances of worst-case-scenarios).
  • If you have heartburn I don’t prescribe you medicine, I take a look at how your gut is, how your flora is (the good-for-you bacteria in your gut), maybe take a look at your stress levels, or even look at food sensitivities to see if something is really aggravating you. Perimenopause is one of my favourite times to work with a woman. The medical field doesn’t really recognise the perimenopause. We take a look at a lot of different things like sometimes its stress and our adrenal response which is causing hot flushes and weight gain because the adrenals were never happy to begin with, so by treating them the transition can be easier. 

“We understand that the natural world is assisting the healing process and we use what we can in nature to help that along.”
“Telehealth has made it possible where I can treat anyone in Washington State.”
“A good primary care provider knows what’s in their realm and what’s not in their realm.”
“I always recommend patients to get up, go outside in the morning – regardless of how cold it is – take 5 deep breaths of fresh air and have morning sunlight.”

Dr Erica Wood is a Naturopathic Doctor who specialises in primary care.  Her focus is on pediatrics and women’s health.  She sees patients of all ages, genders and stages of their lives.  She uses integrative care to approach everyone’s health needs as individuals, not their symptoms and works to find root causes of concerns. 
Dr Wood works at the Naturopathic Clinic of Issaquah
Instagram: @DrEricaWood
Facebook: @EricaWoodND

Ariel is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Empath and Psychic who has been involved in holistic healing since 1988. She is also an educator, speaker, author and mentor for empaths, spiritual seekers and medical professionals. To reach Ariel, go to www.arielhubbard.com, where you will be able to contact her directly.  Please let her know you heard her on the podcast and the assistance you need or question you have.
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