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The Power of Meditation With Kristen Fewel

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On this episode of the Woman Power Zone Podcast Ariel is joined by reiki master, yoga and meditation teacher, Kristen Fewel, to talk about the power of meditation, some different aspects of meditation and where to get started.


  • I came to meditation out of necessity. I was in a really hard place for a really long time. I started with yoga classes and energy work. The best advice I ever got at that time was: “Kristen, you’re going to need to learn yoga, learn how to manage your energy and not give it away all the time to anyone, and you’re going to need to learn and practice reiki. If you can make those things a part of your life you’re going to be OK, you’re going to make it, you’re going to be better than OK.”
  • It’s about reflecting on what thoughts are coming in, or just accepting that you had a thought and then being willing to let it go and see what arises, feel it coming into your field of awareness and then letting that go. With practice it becomes more reflective so that you recognise your habits and patterns, what is your mind doing while you’re sitting, lying, walking, doing a thing. Are you able to do the thing that you set out to do? Which for me was just sitting, it’s the most complicated part of meditation – sitting still – rather than focussing on doing an activity. You have to establish your sitting posture so you’re comfortable in your body while you’re sitting. That’s where yoga comes in.
  • We’ve discovered in our group that we have shared meditation experiences. We do dialogue a little bit after our session to find out if anything interesting comes up, and sometimes images or spiritual guidance will come into the room and are shared by 1, 2, or 3 people. It’s really remarkable and powerful.
  • I find that private lessons with an experienced teacher is the best way of getting on the right track with meditation rather than having to come in contact with all of the many obstacles which will come up, and there are many. You can get past those hurdles fairly quickly and have successful meditation if you have an experienced teacher. A group class isn’t as fine tuned to the individual, but it will still give you something.

“Meditation doesn’t happen the first time you sit down and do it. It doesn’t even happen the tenth or the fiftieth time, but if you stay with it you feel your feelings, you get through the hardest part, and then it opens up to you.”
“We’re working on attracting more people who want to try to extend their sitting time to 45-60 minutes because that’s when really profound things and major shifts start to occur.”
“I’m a participant just like everybody else, I’m working through my stuff just like everybody else, I do the practice.”
“If you’re not ready for meditation, perhaps you’d like to explore aspects of mindfulness, which are different. Mindfulness is noticing what’s going on in the moment but not necessarily with reflection on it.”

Kristen Fewel is a seasoned teacher with more than two decades of yoga practice and study. She uses an adaptable breath-centred approach inspired by the teachings of TKV Desikachar and Krishnamacharya to guide students toward breathing and being with depth and ease. Kristen's  teaching points to the importance of mindfulness and meditation as a way to enjoy life more, and as a path to discover your true potential. Kristen spends most of her time with individuals doing yoga therapy or reiki energy work at Full Circle. She received her certifications from Dianne Harman of the Yoga Experience, Ariel Hubbard of Hubbard Education Group, and Dr. Amy Wheeler of The Optimal State of Living.  A perpetual student, she continues her studies in yoga, qigoing, tai chi, and energy work.
Website: https://www.fullcircleyogaoc.com/

Ariel is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Empath and Psychic who has been involved in holistic healing since 1988. She is also an educator, speaker, author and mentor for empaths, spiritual seekers and medical professionals. To reach Ariel, go to www.arielhubbard.com, where you will be able to contact her directly.  Please let her know you heard her on the podcast and the assistance you need or question you have.
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