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Public Education: Parts One, Two, and Three.

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Public education is a universal part of the American experience. Every one of us interacts with our system of education whether directly or through taxation. Since the nation's founding, a commitment to universal education has been a pillar of our society. More recently, however, public education has come under attack from several places. Some of the criticism is fair. But some of the sharpest attacks have been coordinated by far right extremists determined to break the system and replace it with private enterprises, faith-based curriculums or even...nothing. This episode combines our previous three-part series into one thorough, albeit incomplete, history of public education and the challenges it faces.


Intro: 00:00:48

Chapter One: Framing the Inquiry: 00:05:40

Chapter Two: The Structure and Language of Education: 00:15:22

Chapter Three: The Opposition: 00:26:13

Chapter Four: Phase One: Expansion. The 16th Lot. 00:40:50

Chapter Five: Phase Two: Reconstruction. 00:46:27

Chapter Six: Phase Three: Desegregation. 00:56:24

Chapter Seven: Phase Four. Privatization. 01:12:09

Chapter Eight: Vouchers are stupid and racist and they don’t work. 01:19:21

Chapter Nine: Arne Dunks on Public Education. 01:30:16

Chapter Ten: The Propaganda Machine in Full Swing: 01:45:57

Chapter Eleven: Bring it home, Max. 01:58:12


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UNFTR Episode Resources

Public Education (Part One): Scaffolding.

The End of Roe v. Wade: Extinguishing the Penumbra.

F*ck Milton Friedman.

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