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Toni Hargis | Standing Up to Sexism

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Liz and Michelle are joined in this episode by Toni Hargis to chat about recognising and dealing with sexism in today's world. A subject that author and columnist Toni covers in her book – How to Stand Up to Sexism.

They discuss why, even today, most of us still just accept sexism. As well as, how to empower ourselves, our daughters, and our sisters not to ignore or put up with it anymore. Explaining how we can embrace equity so we can all live in a gender-equal world without bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. They share practical, simple-to-implement ways to do exactly that. Things everyone, male or female, can do to turn the tide.


  • Sexism is treating one sex differently from the other to their disadvantage, which creates a toxic power balance.
  • As well as explaining to our girls what sexism looks like and how to deal with it, we need to educate our boys.
  • There is still a lot of passive sexism e.g. always asking the only woman in the meeting to take the notes.
  • When challenging sexism, what you say, how, and when all need to be weighed up. Toni´s book includes a range of approaches that can easily be adapted to each situation.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt said "No one can make you feel inferior without consent." She is right, people pick on submissive people.
  • Women are constantly told to be nice, so we tend to let people interrupt us, not let us speak, or ignore what we are saying.
  • Nobody says to men they can't have it all - but they will say that to women.
  • Sexism works against men too. It puts them in a box and restricts their choices.

Thank goodness for this book. It's a must-read for anyone who wants attitudes to change." Victoria Derbyshire, British journalist, newsreader and broadcaster.


“It is education of what it (sexism) is, as well as educating boys not to behave in a certain way.”

“Everybody has to challenge it (sexism). If you´re standing back saying nothing, you´re part of the problem.”

“Younger women don't have the skills, experience, or confidence.”

“There´s a lot of emphasis at the moment on bystander intervention.”

“I thought it might be a man-bashing book. It is certainly not, quite the opposite.”

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How to Stand Up to Sexism by Toni Summers Hargis

Laura Bate's TEDx about Sexism

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Toni Summers Hargis is an author and columnist. She's got a law degree and a master's in Organisational Development and has spent years working in corporate HR training and organizational consulting. 

Toni has always been ardent and vocal about women's rights and equality. When her daughter recently entered the workplace, she was reminded again that despite the efforts of older women and society as a whole sexism was still a huge problem. A realisation that motivated her to write her book How To Stand Up to Sexism. 

It is a refreshingly down-to-earth and practical book that covers how to recognise and deal with sexism. Toni has written it in a way that equips anyone, male or female, to tackle the issue in an effective and safe way.


Liz Copping is a networking pro & event consultant, leaping out of her comfort zone to co-host this podcast. insta @lizcoppingtwc

Michelle Ford is a professional voice actor and empty nester pressing reset, enjoying a new career in podcasting! insta @michellefordtwc



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