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How Your Menstrual Cycle Can Affect Your Life With Laura Beddoe

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    Relationship coach Laura Bedo joins host John Kenny to discuss the importance of understanding the female menstrual cycle and its impact on relationships. Laura explains how different phases of the cycle can affect a woman's energy, mood, and productivity, and how being aware of these changes can lead to better self-care and communication within relationships. She also touches on the perimenopause and menopause stages, highlighting the need for women to address any unresolved issues during this transformative time. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the connection between the female body, hormones, and relationship dynamics.


    • Understanding and tracking your menstrual cycle can help you optimise your productivity and energy levels throughout the month.

    • The different phases of the menstrual cycle (menstruation, follicular, luteal) have different effects on hormones and mood, and being aware of these changes can help you navigate them more effectively.

    • During menstruation, it's important to give yourself time to rest and rejuvenate, as your energy levels may be lower.

    • The follicular phase is a time of increased energy and creativity, making it a great time to pursue goals and projects.

    • The luteal phase, characterized by hormonal fluctuations, can bring up limiting beliefs and emotions that need to be addressed. Getting curious and working through these beliefs can lead to personal growth and transformation.


    "Women are designed to run on a 28 to 34 day cycle. To get their peak performance in life, in dating, in all of the things, understanding that is the biggest game changer." 

    "Women can have a literal rebirth every single month of who she is. If she's able to release physically, spiritually, mentally, that block, she's rebirthed as that new version of who she is.

    "Knowing somebody's love language in any relationship is fascinating. If you don't know your love language, I would definitely advise to go and learn it." 

    "The perimenopause is when the veil thins, which basically means your hormones and dopamine are flatlining. The things that need to be addressed will be coming up and it will be blocking you from living your full potential." 

    "In the menopause, that's when you're in your wise woman phase. Everything has synchronicity and when you can anchor in that safety and be present, it's a game changer."


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