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Dance Your Way to Loving Relationships With Angela Ambrosia

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    John interviews Angela Ambrosia, an energy healer and spiritual coach from Sydney, Australia. Angela shares her journey into dance and how it has helped her connect with others and herself on a deeper level. She discusses the power of dance in transcending barriers and creating a sense of unity and connection. Angela also explores the role of dance in relationships, emphasising the importance of presence, compassion, and self-acceptance. She highlights how dance can help individuals tap into their true essence and experience the joy of being in the present moment. 


    • Dance can be a powerful tool for connecting with oneself and others. It allows for a sense of oneness and connection that transcends race, gender, and cultural backgrounds.
    • Dancing can help us tap into our true essence and experience a sense of love and joy that goes beyond our personality and insecurities.
    • The dance can support the development of self-appreciation, self-acceptance, and compassion, which are essential for healthy relationships.
    • Dancing with others can help us feel and understand their energy, leading to a deeper connection and empathy.
    • Even if someone doesn't consider themselves a dancer, there are other movement practices, such as Qigong, Tai Chi, or interactive exercises, that can help them explore their energy and connect with others.


    "The dance was a very easy way to get that connection. You didn't need to speak. You didn't need to even have a similar cultural background." - Angela Ambrosia

    "The dance gives you that sense of self that's beyond your personality, that then supports that capacity of the witness self to come in and go, hang on, what's going on here?" - Angela Ambrosia

    "The dance is where you get to experience it with improvisation and surrendering of those parts of yourself that you may not feel so comfortable about." - Angela Ambrosia

    "We all feel insignificant and we're craving significance. So that's part of our human condition. And the heart connection in the dance for me was able to manage that craving for significance." - Angela Ambrosia

    "Movement is much more about how do we feel each other's energy. So the more anything you can do to just feel, breathe, that to me is dancing because you can just even an in-breath and an out-breath is incredible." - Angela Ambrosia


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