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The Narrative Machine is Beginning to Crumble | 02.23.2024 #ProAmericaReport

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What You Need to Know is that the Narrative Machine is beginning to crumble. Charlie Kirk posted on X that Vice would no longer be posting articles on its website. Over 500 journalists have been laid off from fake news companies. Buzzfeed and Vice were rotten places publishing deranged left-wing talking points, and it is a good thing that these Democratic party propaganda arms are crumbling to pieces. As Charlie Kirk said, “the fake news is on the ropes.” No wonder, their business model was to be jerks towards anything and everything the average American believed in.

Hugh Brown, executive Vice President of the American Life League, joins Ed to discuss the fight for pro-life. Ed and Hugh discuss American Life League’s open letter to the NAACP, highlighting the drastic racial disparities in abortion. In the African American community, abortion is just accepted as the way that it is. This was Margaret Sanger’s plan from the beginning, to eugenically get rid of black people. Highlighting the racist issue in abortion is necessary for the fight for life.

John Schlafly, co-author of the weekly Schlafly Report, joins Ed to discuss this week’s column: ‘Biden Imprisons His Rivals Until They Die, Too’. They discuss the death of Putin critic Alexei Navalny in a Russian prison. The elimination of political enemies is no longer only something that happens in far away lands of corruption and chaos. The Biden regime is doing the same now, going after political enemies and systematically persecuting them!

Wrap Up: the elites aren’t in public service to serve and they aren’t even bothering to make it look that way anymore. From former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to New York Attorney General Letitia James, we can see the money-grubbing, power-hungry moves all the way from our own homes. 

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