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Stimming with Marie Camin

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On this week’s episode Monique interviews Marie Camin about stimming. Marie is a multiply neurodivergent clinical psychologist, researcher, and a neurodiversity advocate. Marie is currently completing her PhD on Autistic stimming at La Trobe University and she is a Founding Committee Member of the OTARC Autistic Advisory Group; she believes strongly in contributing to a more accurate and affirming understanding of Autistic experiences through co-production with the community. She loves animals, pop culture, and anything creative.


This episode is jam packed with goodies! Monique and Marie cover:


  1. Community as a key part of the neurodivergent identity.
  2. Marie’s experience as a neurodivergent clinical psychologist and her path to discovering her own neurodivergence.
  3. A side quest on special interests.
  4. Everything stimming – what is it, how is it understood (both from a community perspective and based on the DSM), and many examples of what stimming can look like.
  5. The evolution of thinking in the psychological field around the purpose of stimming and responses to stimming.
  6. Harm minimisation approaches for stimming that is harmful to self or others (please be aware that self-harm is mentioned here, and so some listeners may decide to skip this).
  7. Marie’s advice for other neurodivergent folks trying to function in a neuro-normative way.



Want to learn more about Marie or get in touch with her? You can find her through her website here, or on Instagram @mariecamin.


Check out her digital downloads and ND Pride stickers here!


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