Freeing Yourself From The Cocktail – with Chaya Grossberg

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The Mental Health Revolution Podcast

With work taking up so much of our time and energy, mental wellbeing is becoming a key area for development and investment in the drive for maximising 
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Kate talks to Chaya Grossberg, a consultant specialising in the treatment of people coming off psychiatric medication, whose own journey began with an extensive and damaging relationship with these drugs.

Fortunately, Chaya was able to connect with a community determined to help people release themselves from the hold of this medication. Since then, Chaya has become a fierce proponent of ensuring that others can take the same steps she did. 

In this frank conversation, Chaya shares her own journey, as well as some of the advice that changed her life.




  • Having freed herself from psychiatric drugs, and realising the benefits of doing so, Chaya has made it her mission to speak out whenever possible on the subject.


  • The “cocktail” of drugs that are prescribed in most cases build in terrifying intensity. Each drug seems to be added in order to counteract the negative side-effects of the previous one, and all of a sudden, the patient finds themselves taking many different drugs each designed to battle the others.


  • While coming off the drugs, Chaya faced extreme panic attacks, an intense sense of discomfort and restlessness, extreme insomnia, nausea and seizures.


  • In the US, around twenty million people are on psychiatric drugs. There is a sense that some would like people to remain on this medication, as it’s a huge money-spinner.


  • Peer support is incredibly important. We need so many more systems than there currently are, but the ones we already have are crucial to effective withdrawal.


  • People need to create their own narrative, their own story. By expressing their own experiences in words that feel true, re-synthesis can take place



  • ‘It felt like the narratives around psychiatry and medications were still being formed’
  • ’That’s why they call it a cocktail; it’s a little bit of this with a little of that’
  • ‘Is it right to take a drug for your mood and emotions?’
  • ’There’s a stigma around critiquing psychiatry’
  • ‘You are almost falling backwards into the system'




The Mental Health Revolution Podcast


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Kate Ashley-Norman is creator of Positive Mind Management, the host of The Mental Health Revolution podcast, and a passionate speaker and trainer about our emotional wellbeing. She is seeking to change the nature and tone of the conversation around mental health for business owners, their workplaces and ultimately in their personal lives.

Kate has spent the last 25+ years running her own businesses, initially working running a six figure PR consultancy agency, then building a multi-million pound international property portfolio. Latterly she has dedicated her time to studying emotional mastery and positive psychology, while bringing up four children, and has used her experience and knowledge to create the Positive Mind Management programme specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The knowledge Kate has collated will help you to not only better understand your emotions, it will help you both improve it, and supercharge it during those more challenging times when emotional wellbeing can be compromised. Fear, procrastination, overwhelm, powerlessness, self worth – empire building is a hugely challenging process in its own right. The more power you hold within your own emotions, the more you can harness the power of those emotions, good and bad, to the benefit of your business and life in general.

Hugely practical and applicable, this revolutionary approach to mental health is putting the power back into the hands of each and every individual.


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The Mental Health Revolution

With work taking up so much of our time and energy, mental wellbeing is becoming a key area for deve 
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