ADHD: Superpower or Scam? Will.i.am Challenges the Status Quo on ADHD, the Music Industry and more!

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Rob is joined by music powerhouse Will.i.am in this episode. Will.i.am shares his unique perspective on the evolution of music, the impact of technology, and the importance of personal data ownership. Will.i.am also talks about the potential of AI in the music industry and emphasises the need for individuals to be philanthropic and proactive in making a difference. Will.i.am's insights on ADHD and the education system challenge conventional thinking and inspire listeners to embrace their own superpowers.

Will.i.am Reveals:

  • The music industry is on the brink of a new renaissance, with AI poised to disrupt traditional recording, touring, and publishing.
  • Social media has democratised access to wealth and success but has also amplified hate and negativity due to algorithmic biases.
  • Personal data is the new gold, and individuals need to own and control their data through "data banks" to leverage their own AI.
  • Being philanthropic and proactive is crucial for making a positive impact, beyond just writing or singing about issues.
  • Embracing creativity as a currency and learning from constructive criticism are key to personal growth and success.
  • ADHD is often misunderstood, and the education system should focus on nurturing individual strengths rather than enforcing conformity.
  • Hyperactivity and attention disorders can be superpowers if channelled correctly, and society should recognise and polish these diamonds.


"You have to go out there and be philanthropic as well. So that's why I went back to my neighbourhood and started a school, an after-school program in 2008."

"Creativity is my currency. I'm rich creatively. I may not have money now. But as soon as I get these ideas out, shit, these motherfuckers are going to grow."

"I think ADHD is not the problem for the person that they claim has ADHD. It's the problem for the person that doesn't know how to, you know, reach a hyperactive person and hyperactivity is a superpower."

"If you're not taking the time to polish certain rocks to realise that they're diamonds, you're going to miss out on a lot of fucking diamonds."

"There's some truth to what people say, you have to be self-aware"

"We know data's gold, and we know the companies that are leveraging your data, data monarchies. And they do such a good job of it that you don't even know the power of your own data."






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