Dr. Ron Sinha: Beware Of Confirmation Bias, Misleading Science, Overdosing On Adrenalin, Fasting To Excess, And The Benefits Of Keeping Your Shirt On

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Published Feb 11, 2022, 10:35 PM

I welcome the fourth appearance of Dr. Ron Sinha, host of a fantastic and unique new podcast called Meta Health!

This episode covers a variety of topics related to healthy living, especially as we spend some time discussing Dr. Ron’s exciting and very informative new venture, Meta Health. If you haven’t heard his podcast, I highly recommend checking it out, as it gives you a fantastic scientific foundation—almost like a free college education! You’ll learn how fat burning works in the body, how muscle burning works, and how mitochondria functions in the body too. And because Dr. Ron is so passionate about all areas of health, the way that mental health affects our physical health is another major focus of his work.

In this episode, you’ll learn why Dr. Ron cautions us to be wary of scientific studies and he explains how observational studies actually work. You’ll also hear about Dr. Ron’s experience with the Wim Hof breathing method, learn about how people can overdose on adrenaline stimulating activities (like cold exposure and HIIT workouts) and the consequences of doing so, and much more!



Dr. Sinha talks about how fat burning works in the body and how muscle building works. [01:39]The more deeply individuals learn about how their body works, it causes transformations. [09:08]

Turning 50, one can notice the changes in memory and distractability. [12:11]

Ron’s podcasts help the listener remember the material through storytelling. He is careful about the message he is sending. [18:18]

Are we taking fasting too far? [19:35]

Some traditional medical doctors still frown on some of the newer information that we put out. [23:20]

Studies that simply ask for people to track what they eat are not very conclusive. [27:29]

When they studied some seniors in Italy, they found that the animal protein intake was inversely associated with mortality.  [29:56]

The use of the continuous glucose monitors is a game changer. [33:04]

Are there blindsides we need to think about with the red meat diet? [35:28]

What’s happening to your muscle mass? [38:13]

There is a defeatist mentality in our culture. [44:31]

Overdoing exercise, fasting, cold exposure, diet restrictions, etc. can all be harmful. [46:06]

With cold exposure, you are only trying to get a shiver response. [51:43]

Folks working from home have a wonderful advantage because they can do microworkouts all day long! [53:10]

Identify different ways to get rest, such as something creative, or walking the dog. [56:21]

Many people don't realize that that high adrenaline driving workout is actually making caloric restriction and fasting really difficult. [58:16]

What is prompting those hypoglycemic episodes in a seemingly healthy person? [01:04:28]

What causes the urge to urinate in the middle of the night? [01:06:36]




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