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86: Rewilding Childhood: Asher Cloran's Approach to Earth's Natural Connections

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Welcome back to "Secrets of the Soil," the podcast where we dig deep into the fascinating world beneath our feet. I’m your host, Regen Ray Milidoni, and today’s episode titled "Exploring Earth Science with Asher Cloran" is all about bridging the gap between our tech-centric lives and the nourishing embrace of Mother Nature.

In this thought-provoking conversation, I’m joined by Asher Cloran, founder of Life Rocks, a not-for-profit initiative inspired by Earth Sciences. Together, we explore the pressing issue of how technology, especially screen time, is severing our innate connection to the natural world – a bond that is vital for both our physical and mental well-being.

So take a step back from your devices, plug in your earphones, and let's venture into a dialogue that meanders through the impact of technology on human relationships with nature. We’ll examine the wonders of Earth Science, the importance of early childhood exploration within this realm, and the diverse career opportunities that await the curious minds passionate about our planet.

Asher shares his treasure trove of insights on nurturing children's natural curiosity, the significance of gut health, and the challenges that beset small food producers in our regulatory landscape. He also gives us a sneak peek into the array of resources Life Rocks offers – from a science-focused podcast to a hands-on soil kit aligned with the Australian curriculum.

So join us as we uncover the secrets that connectivity with the soil and nature has to offer – because as Asher believes, when you cultivate knowledge, wealth in its many forms will naturally follow. Let's get grounded together in this enlightening episode of "Secrets of the Soil" with Asher Cloran.

Key Takeaways from Asher Cloran's interview:

This week on "Secrets of the Soil," we delve into the rich tapestry of nature's intimate connection with us and how technology affects this bond. Asher Cloran, founder of Life Rocks and advocate for childhood engagement with nature, joins Regen Ray to discuss how nature and technology shape our lives.

Tune in to explore:

- The need to disconnect from screens to foster a tangible connection to the natural world.

- Insights on how Earth Science is vital for our future and can nurture a passion for the environment in children.

- Practical advice for boosting gut health through natural methods and the benefits it holds for early development.

Key Takeaways:

🌿 Fostering Nature Connection: Balance screen time with immersive experiences in nature to promote mental well-being and groundedness.

👩‍🔬 Embracing Earth Science: Encourage children’s passion and curiosity for the natural world to open up career pathways and make meaningful environmental contributions.

🥕 Prioritizing Gut Health: Understand the impact of good microbiome health on childhood development and learn simple ways to nurture it through diet.

Be sure to listen to this enlightening episode with Asher Cloran! Together, let's rediscover our roots and grow a deeper understanding of the "Secrets of the Soil."

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Who is Asher Cloran

Asher is fascinated by how nature, science, art, culture, philosophy and education interact and intersect and how these forces shape individuals and collectives.

Uncovering these influences on human life and developing a holistic framework for thinking through the challenges we face is at the heart of my approach and what I seek to teach.

Childhood is the most precious time for the development of a human, and in the face of modern technology permeating every area of our lives, we must protect the young from becoming disconnected from their health, happiness and connection to Nature.

Life Rocks is a not-for-profit that anchors nature and childhood development at the heart of education and culture, and I have been the proud Director of Life Rocks since 2019. Life Rocks creates easy to use, scientific resources that holistically educate a child and inspire them to connect to the natural world.

Life Rocks also curates, creates and promotes anything and everything that can help improve the quality of your teaching, parenting and children's lives.

We believe that Earth Sciences, including Soils Science, has the potential to awaken peoples minds to the wonders of reality that we are immersed in, and connect their hearts with curiosity and learning to becoming advocates for Nature.

Check out everything we do @




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