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85: Wood, Wool, and Wisdom: How to Revive Your Farmland with Trees - Michael Taylor’s Quest for Environmental Harmony

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Welcome back to "Secrets of the Soil," where today, our esteemed guest Michael Taylor from Taylor's Run shared a deep-rooted conviction for the role of trees in our ecosystem and agriculture. As the ABC Rural Farmer of the Year, Michael's passion for sustainable farming and tree planting shines through as he discusses balancing livestock with timber production, and the surprising mental health benefits of connecting with nature. With a Nuffield scholarship under his belt, he champions the fusion of agroforestry, conservation, and carbon sequestration as keys to the future of farming. From exotic plantings that foster biodiversity to innovative techniques in agroforestry, Michael is planting seeds of change for our planet. 

Micheal's farm is the host farm for the MetaTrees Project - If you would like to adopt a tree and support Micheal's endeavours please do so while the last few 100 are left! 

Key Takeaways from Michael Taylor's interview:

- Renewable Resource: Wood is not just a versatile material; it represents a renewable fiber with the power to shape our future in forestry and agriculture.

- Education & Outreach: The essential role of podcasts and education in bridging the knowledge gap between consumers and the origins of their food.

- Agroforestry Barriers: Despite the benefits of agroforestry, such as soil conservation and carbon sequestration, there are still significant hurdles to its widespread adoption that need to be understood and addressed.

🌲 Michael's journey from civil engineering to wool production, emphasizing eco-friendly farming methods, offers a unique perspective on integrating traditional agricultural practices with modern sustainability goals.

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Who is Michael Taylor

2022 Australian Farmer of the Year and sixth-generation farmer with a future-focussed approach to farming and building drought resilience through tree planting, rotational grazing, and encouraging a cultural shift.

Michael Taylor is a man deeply rooted in the pastoral life, representing the third generation of tree planters on his family farm in New South Wales. His connection with agriculture is unique and profound, intertwined with an enduring bond to forestry through tree cultivation, rather than traditional farming practices. Nestled just south of Armidale, at approximately one thousand meters above sea level, Michael's farm lies about 200 KMs from the coast, situated on the New England Tablelands – a place where he balances his life between the rich earth and the sprawling skies. With the bustling cities of Sydney and Brisbane as distant neighbours, he cultivates not only crops but also a legacy, continuing the symbiotic relationship with the land that his forebearers nurtured.



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As the host of the Secrets of the Soil podcast, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with some of the most innovative and inspiring experts in regenerative agriculture. Through these conversations, I’ve learned so much about the power of nurturing soil and promoting regeneration.

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“Regen Rays 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Soil & Save the Planet” is a distillation of the most important and actionable insights from my podcast guests, along with some fun and empowering tips to help you take your soil to the next level.

So whether you’re an experienced farmer, a gardening enthusiast, or simply someone who cares about the planet, I hope this guide inspires you to take action and make a positive impact on the world around you!
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