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79: Soil Rehab: Andrew Mission to Rejuvenate Agriculture and Restore Soil Balance

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Welcome to Secrets of the Soil, where we dig deep into the overlooked world beneath our feet. In today's episode, host Regen Ray Milidoni delves into a thought-provoking conversation with Andrew Meseha, the mind behind Happy Soils.

Together, they explore the biological advantages of happy soils and the urgent need to revolutionize our agricultural practices. From exploring the parallels between soil health and human well-being to shedding light on the detrimental impact of certain agricultural chemicals, this episode is a captivating journey into the world of regenerative agriculture.

We had a thought-provoking conversation about the biological advantages of happy soils and the urgent need to prioritize soil health for a sustainable future.

Here are three key takeaways from our discussion:

1. Soil Health Impacts Everything: Soil health is not only crucial for agricultural success but also plays a vital role in environmental and human health. We discussed how the use of agricultural chemicals can impact soil and plant communication pathways, emphasizing the need for regenerative rehab programs to detox and improve soil health. This directly correlates with the gut biome in humans, highlighting the interconnectedness of all living systems.

2. Advocacy and Resistance: We delved into the challenges faced by farmers in transitioning to regenerative agriculture, including the influence of big chemical companies on research and the pressures farmers face to continue using their products. Andrew shared his experiences of facing threats and attacks due to his advocacy for regenerative agriculture, stressing the need for collective resistance and the importance of challenging the influence of these companies and regulatory bodies.

3. Hope and Action: Despite the challenges, our conversation focused on the power of hope and action. We discussed the importance of conscious consumerism, supporting local and regenerative agriculture, and the potential economic benefits of the hemp industry. Andrew emphasized the role of individuals in working towards positive change and highlighted the significance of spending time in nature and finding a purpose to address greed and human behaviour.

For more insights into the biological advantages of happy soils and the urgent need to prioritize soil health, tune in to the "Secrets of the Soil" podcast episode featuring Andrew Meseha.

Who is 'Urban Green Farms':

The purpose of Urban Green Farms is to create awareness and action around the things that matter the most. The human species needs to adapt and evolve into a much more collective community that embraces the fact that our natural resources are precious and need to be protected. Our approach is to supplement conventional farming until it is permanently replaced with regenerative agricultural methods. Our pillars are simple and based on five important elements; food security, combat climate change, eating local, eating clean and protecting our future generations. 

Founder, Andrew Meseha has spent years working in Australia, USA, New Zealand and across Asia in the Hydroponics and aquaponics Industry. His passion and desire to see a healthy and sustainable planet led to the inception of Urban Green Farms. He realized that the industry was delivering great adaptable technology that was primarily being used for medical plants. The surge in demand for highly productive, low-energy products meant that the application of these technologies could grow food in a range of much more sustainable methods. 


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So whether you’re an experienced farmer, a gardening enthusiast, or simply someone who cares about the planet, I hope this guide inspires you to take action and make a positive impact on the world around you!
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