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Welcome to the podcast!(Plus Creating Your Purpose; Mission Statement)

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Welcome to the podcast! 

From start-up to scale-up! 

Not every start-up idea can make it big and sustainable enough to be a scale-up. So, in this very first episode of the Scale Up Your Business Podcast, Nick Bradley, your host, aims to let you in on how can he help you on your entrepreneurship journey. From creating lifestyle businesses to performance businesses to your empire, Nick has it all set for you so you could begin growing your own.  

Learn about his own journey on how he became one of the known international businessmen right now. For aspiring business leaders and for those who are already looking at expanding their business, this podcast will guide you along the way. Nick discusses today what should you be expecting in the next episodes. And before the discussion ends, discover why it’s important that you have your own mission statement not just for your business, but in general for your life. 


  • Nick Bradley is an entrepreneur, an author, a public speaker, and an investor. His entrepreneurship journey started very early, at the age of 18. Then, he decided to move to the corporate world where he got most of his knowledge of the business. 
  • Nick has sold a number of companies. He’s been helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be. He’s passionate about personal and professional development. 
  • Nick aims to build a community through Scale Your Business Podcast who can share their knowledge and collaborate with each other. 
  • The podcast will focus on building and developing the missions and visions of businesses. It will also focus on mindset, values, and standards. Nick also wants to bring people in to share their own journey so that you could learn and get new ideas for your business. 
  • How you can make money by creating a business? 
  • Generating revenue and profit. 
  • Merging with other businesses. 
  • Selling your business someday. 
  • Nick believes that if you learn how to balance everything in your business and everything else outside of it, then everything will go in sync. You’re growing not just your business, but you’re also growing as an individual. 
  • Mission statements help with everything that revolves around your business. Nick sees it as more broadly than business. Nick’s mission is to help others to follow their hearts, reach their dreams, show up, and realize their true potential. 


  • “One of the core reasons I believe, and why I wanted to do the podcast, is scaling your business to exit or creating a capital event and all those things from your business is a very different mindset and capability from starting a business.” 
  • “People who are good at startup are not necessarily good at scale-up.” 
  • “You are the creative visionary entrepreneur. You can outsource some of the things and you can get the benefit of it without having to be tied to something that doesn’t engage you.” 
  • “Have I lived to what my purpose is daily in the interactions I’m having with my clients, my partners, my investors.” 



Nick Bradley is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and business growth expert.

His background is growing and scaling Venture Capital and Private Equity backed businesses globally. Over the last decade, he has completed 117 acquisitions and 25 business exits with a combined valuation of over $5bn dollars.

His mission is to help business founders build valuable businesses and create life-changing exits so they can realise freedom, wealth, and impact. 


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Welcome to “Scale Up with Nick Bradley”. In this podcast, we will show you how to scale up your bus 
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