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Trump Appeals to Working Class, Biden Says Bad Polling is Fake, & Disney Cancels Tinker Bell

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The Rich Zeoli Show- Full Episode (05/14/2024):

3:05pm- Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial continued on Tuesday—with the prosecution’s key witness Michael Cohen being questioned by Trump’s attorneys. According to Jesse McKinley of The New York Times, during cross examination, Cohen was portrayed as someone seeking revenge and looking to earn money via the sale of t-shirts that said: “Convict 45.” You can read more here:

3:15pm- In reaction to a stream of negative polling results for President Joe Biden, CNN political commentator Van Jones stated that “the economic prospects for young people are miserable.”

3:35pm- Ben Casselman and Jeanna Smialek of The New York Times write that high interest rates are seriously hurting poorer Americans: “High interest rates haven’t crashed the financial system, set off a wave of bankruptcies or caused the recession that many economists feared. But for millions of low and moderate-income families, high rates are taking a toll. More Americans are falling behind on payments on credit card and auto loans, even as many are taking on more debt than ever before.” You can read the full article here:

3:40pm- According to a report from Axios, President Joe Biden and his campaign refuse to believe polling which indicates Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is running ahead of Biden in 5 out of 6 key swing states in the 2024 presidential election.

3:55pm- The beloved Disney character Tinker Bell has become the latest victim of cancel culture.

4:05pm- Rich explains that when it became clear Donald Trump would be the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential candidate, President Joe Biden and his administration decided to embrace radical progressive policies—operating under the assumption that election victory would be easily achieved. However, according to new polling from The New York Times, Sienna College, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, Trump now leads President Biden in five of the six key 2024 swing states—Pennsylvania (+3), Arizona (+7), Michigan (+7), Georgia (+10), and Nevada (+12).

4:20pm- Mark Penn—an adviser to former President Bill Clinton and chairman of Harris Poll—says the Biden campaign isn’t focused on winning the correct voters. He’s attempting to win the radical left, while seemingly forfeiting the moderate/independent vote. Penn explains that the swing voter is worth 2x the value of a progressive voter: “People usually assume that turning out so-called base voters in an election matters most, since swing voters are fewer in number. And it’s true that in today’s polarized environment, Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump have about 40 percent of voters each and nothing will change those people’s minds. But in that remaining 20 percent of the electorate, voters have disproportionate power because of their potential to switch. It’s simple math: Take a race tied in the run-up 5 to 5. If one voter swings, the tally becomes 6 to 4. Two voters would then need to be turned out just to tie it up, and a third one would be needed to win.” You can read Penn’s full editorial here:

4:50pm- Women are paying thousands of dollars to participate in “rage rituals.” Why? Plus, is spray on “hair in a can” a real thing? Yup!

5:05pm- In her new article for The Washington Examiner, columnist Salena Zito asks did Trump make a 4D chess move with his speech in Wildwood, New Jersey? Zito writes: “In 2016, Clinton won Mahoning County with 49% of the vote, defeating Trump by a hair. For perspective, just four years earlier, then-President Barack Obama crushed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney by a whopping 28 points in the Mahoning Valley, earning 63% of the vote of this mostly white working-class voter base. Those same working-class white voters, on whom Democrats relied to carry the state twice for the first Black president, would soon be called racist, uneducated, and angry just four years later for supporting Trump. Fast-forward to last weekend when Trump, plagued by nonstop reports of his trial for allegedly covering up hush money payments, held a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, and attracted more than 80,000 supporters in a state no Republican presidential candidate has won since then-Vice President George H.W. Bush in 1988.” Will Trump win the 2024 presidential election thanks to his appeal to working class Americans who feel left behind by the Democrat party? You can read her full story here:

5:30pm- During an Oxford Union debate, Winston Marshall—the former banjoist and lead guitarist for the band Mumford & Sona—argued that “Populism has become a word used synonymously with ‘racist’…with ‘bigot,’ with ‘hillbilly’…elites use it to show their contempt for ordinary people.” Throughout the evening, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) interrupted her debate opponent—claiming that populism is a threat to democracy and that the 2016 election had been “hijacked.”

5:40pm- Rich keeps unbuttoning his shirt as part of an effort to grow our YouTube audience…but nobody wants to see that!

6:05pm- Completely unbiased ABC News journalist George Stephanopoulos told the ladies of The View that if Donald Trump were to win the 2024 election, the White House Situation Room would be “uncontrolled” and pose a threat to American stability.

6:10pm- On HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher accused The New York Times of being an instrument of the Democrat Party.

6:30pm- Comedian Jerry Seinfeld delivered the commencement address at Duke University’s graduation. PLUS, Vice President Kamala Harris drops a hard f-bomb while speaking at the Asian Pacific American Institute’s leadership summit.

6:40pm- Erin Perrine—Political Strategist with Axiom Strategies—joins The Rich Zeoli Show to recap Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s massive rally in Wildwood, New Jersey where an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 people attended. Can President Joe Biden do anything to slow down Trump’s momentum?

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