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Get Invested: Part 2 - Kate Hill on when, where, what and how to buy property

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It's not about 'when to buy'. It's about where, what and how you buy property. Kate Hill joins us to explain more about buying property the right way.

In part 2 of our interview, Kate also talks about why it is so much harder for women to build wealth, where unbelievably one in three women retire with no savings.

Kate has made it her mission has made it her mission to change this alarming trend. It's why she has co-authored her award winning book The Female Investor, which is packed full for property investment insights relevant to both women and men.

As you now know, Kate is an avid property investor with many years of firsthand experience buying and researching real estate, and being a Property Coach and Mentor before founding the successful national buyers agency team Advisable.

In this episode we unpack The Female Investor and many insights about buying and investing in property successfully.


How to find the best buyers agent

And as a quick aside, if you need help in selecting the best buyers agent and rejecting the rest, feel free to email us at with the subject header, 'Questions to ask before engaging a buyers agent', to get a copy of the 37 questions that we ask potential buyers agents to decide if they’re worthy of further consideration.

Book giveaway

Kate is giving away a free copy of her book The Female Investor, for the best email response to this question: What is your key takeaway from Kate’s Get Invested discussion? Email your answer to with 'Advisable' in the subject header.

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