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How To Love Yourself with Sujay Seshadri

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Today’s guest on the Powerful Stories podcast is chatting to me all the way from Kamalaya in Koh Samui, Thailand. As many of you will know, Kamalaya is an award-winning wellness sanctuary and holistic spa retreat that I have visited many times. 

Sujay Seshadri is a former monk turned Life Enhancement Mentor, and our paths first crossed on one of my earliest visits to Kamalaya. Working with Sujay has formed a very important part of my journey to finding freedom in my heart, and landing in a place where I have experienced first-hand the truth that a happy heart is a magnet for miracles.

Through working with Sujay I learnt how to meet myself, how to be present and how to work in flow. I have discovered that not all opportunities are meant for me, and that something better will present itself while the time is right. 

Sujay is an incredibly wise soul who helped me to discover my true purpose and how I can be of service to others and ultimately, helped me to level up and step into my power and own it. 

There are lots of incredible morsels of wisdom in this chat, I hope you enjoy it.

Much love,

Tory x


Topics Discussed

[1:51] Sujay shares his journey to where he is today. He was a monk for 14 years and opens up about how he let go of that when the time came to move on.


[5:28] He explains how to know when it’s time to move on and how to listen to the nudges from the universe, sharing that fear is the only thing that stops us from listening to our hearts and moving out of our comfort zone. 


[7:19] He says that creating space in our lives to make sure we’re aligned with our destiny and purpose – whether that’s connecting with nature, pranayama, meditation or yoga – is all about doing what resonates with you as an individual. 


[11:18] Sujay explains that we’re not afraid of the thing we think we’re afraid of; what we’re truly afraid of is the feelings that experience will bring us. We fear both the unpleasant emotions and the pleasant emotions, and the key is to embrace emotions the way they are, without trying to push them away, or hold onto them. 


[14:29] What stops people from loving themselves is the conflict within ourselves between what we are and what we should be. The more we resist this, the more it persists, and so we need to overcome this and shift our way of looking at ourselves in order to experience self-love.     


[18:59] In order to meet ourselves and love ourselves, we must deciding to invest time and energy into working on ourselves, and observing the relationship between our mind and our emotions. Connecting with yourself involves connecting with your body and senses and through this, your emotions. 


[21:52] When OUR emotions are too strong or unpleasant for us to process, we push them away. We hold these emotions at the physical level in our bodies, particularly in the stomach region. Anything unprocessed becomes inflammation, so it’s important to release ‘baggage’ by embracing all of your emotions.  


[25:59] Your life purpose finds you when you’re ready. Once you have resolved some of the disturbances within and are feeling connected with yourself, you can tap into the inner intelligence that’s there to guide your life.


[29:25] Sujay gives to himself by going for a walk in nature every day after he finishes his work, and doing breathing and meditation exercises in the mornings, depending on what he needs that day. 


[32:46] In order to truly be present, you must work on the things that are taking away your energy – such as stories from the past and unhelpful belief you’re holding about yourself. Once you accept yourself, then the energy in your brain will be available to enjoy what’s happening right now in the present moment.


Where to find Sujay Seshadri

Website: www.kamalaya.com/kamalaya-mentors/

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