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Pioneering safer farming with strip amelioration

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In this episode, Tim Smythe from Mallee Sustainable Farming and Jack Desbiolles from the University of South Australia's Agriculture, Machinery, Research and Design Centre discuss their pioneering work on strip amelioration.

This technique involves alternating strips of ameliorated soil and undisturbed standing stubble, offering a flexible, erosion-reducing solution for high-risk crops like pulses in the Mallee.

They delve into the machinery developed for this process and its impact on erosion control and crop yields, sharing insights from trials and future pathways for broad adoption.

00:00 Introduction to Strip Amelioration

00:55 Meet the Experts: Tim Smythe and Jack Desbiolles

01:11 Machinery Innovations for Strip Amelioration

03:42 Field Trials and Results

08:15 Challenges and Future Directions

13:29 Pathway to Adoption and Future Research

19:01 Conclusion and Acknowledgements

This podcast has been brought to you as part of the ‘Developing robust ground cover to enable resilience in low rainfall mixed farms’ project through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

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