The Artemis Accords, Part 2

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Mates In Space

Justin McArthur and Jack Eaton are going to get to space, without taking Earth’s bulls**t up with them. As Australia plans for a future among the star 
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Continuing their discussion of the Artemis Accords, Jack and Justin talk about the pros and cons of mining the Moon: What's really up there? How can we protect our future? And how does it relate to the plot of Air Bud (1997)?

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY: Mates in Space is made on Kaurna, Gadigal and Wurundjeri Country, never ceded. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. We also pay respect to other First Nation peoples.

ABOUT US: Mates in Space is a podcast about how we’re going to get to space without taking all of Earth’s bulls**t up with us! Each week, your hosts Jack and Justin will tell a different space story, in preparation for Australia’s exciting new future among the stars. It’s a bit nerdy, a bit sciency, and a lot of fun. Mates in Space is brought to you by Ampel Audio, Jack Eaton and Justin McArthur. For more info, check out our website at http://matesin.space

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- Air Bud (1997) dir. Charles Martin Smith.

ALT TITLE: She's Beauty, She's Space

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Mates In Space

Justin McArthur and Jack Eaton are going to get to space, without taking Earth’s bulls**t up with th 
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