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COBB LIFE for November 26th

Publish Date:  November 22nd

Henssler :15


From the Henssler Financial Studio, welcome to Cobb Life, proudly brought to you by the Marietta Daily Journal. I'm your host, Keith Ippolito, waving the flag for the BG Ad Group. Buckle up because today, we're diving into a special holiday edition of Cobb Life. And hey, a big shoutout to our show's sponsor, Credit Union of Georgia, for making it all happen. Now, I know you've got your cup of coffee or maybe a warm cocoa in hand, and you've settled into your favorite spot. It's Sunday, and it's time for Cobb Life. We've got a fantastic lineup in store for you today, but before we spill the beans, let's talk about the annual Cobb Life Magazine Best of Cobb contest. Oh yeah, it's that time of the year, folks! But wait, there's more excitement coming your way. We'll be revisiting a chat that our very own Brian Giffin had with Pam Treadway from the American Bull Riders Tour. So, don't even think about touching that dial because this is a special holiday edition of Cobb Life that you absolutely don't want to miss. So, get cozy, relax, and let the holiday vibes sink in. It's your Sunday dose of Cobb Life, and we're thrilled to have you right here with us. Stick around, and let's make this holiday Cobb Life unforgettable.


Hey there, Cobb County folks! Welcome back to Cobb Life, your go-to source for all the happenings around our neck of the woods. Now, hold on to your hats because we've got some news that'll get you pumped up. You know what time it is, right? Yep, it's that season again – the annual Cobb Life Magazine Best of Cobb contest is making a comeback!

I'm not kidding, the Best of Cobb 2024 is on like Donkey Kong, and we're here to spill the beans. Voting kicked off on Monday, and you've got until January 5th to make your voice heard. Now, I get it, life's busy, but why wait? Let's dive in!

Guess what? As of Tuesday morning, the Best of Cobb brainiacs have already tallied more than 7,500 votes! And hold onto your hats again, they're predicting a record-breaking turnout this year. Last time, we smashed over 379,000 votes. Talk about community spirit, right?

Ty Tumlin, the Marketing Guru over at Times-Journal, Inc., spilled the beans, saying, "We're off to a really strong start." I mean, how cool is it to see the community rallying behind their faves, from local hangouts to the people who make Cobb County tick?

Now, with over 2,800 nominations in the ring, the competition is fierce, my friends. Whether you're riding hard for your favorite breakfast spot, your go-to realtor, that hair salon you swear by, or the mechanic who keeps your wheels turning – every vote counts. It's not just a contest; it's a chance to give props to the businesses that make Cobb County feel like home.

Hold on to your excitement because here's the grand finale – the winners of the 2024 Best of Cobb will be unveiled in the March issue of Cobb Life Magazine. Can you feel the anticipation building up? But wait, there's more! Mark your calendars for March 21st because there's going to be a shindig at the Jim Miller Event Center. Live tunes, mouthwatering grub, drinks, and more, all to celebrate these awesome winners. It's gonna be a bash you won't wanna miss, and everyone's invited!

Now, you're probably thinking, "How do I get in on this action?" Easy peasy. Voting is open until January 5th at 11:59 p.m. Swing by to cast your votes for your absolute favorites. Whether it's that cozy local café, the realtor who helped you snag your dream pad, or the wizard mechanic who keeps your car humming, let your voice be heard!

And with that, we're wrapping up this segment of Cobb Life. But don't you dare go anywhere because up next, Brian Giffin's got a chat with the one and only American Bull Rider Tour Pam Treadway! It's gonna be a wild ride, so stay tuned!




***Pam Treadway - American Bullriders***


And we’ll be right back with closing comments after this.




And there you have it, another fantastic episode of Cobb Life in the books. A big thank you for being part of our awesome audience this week. I hope you enjoyed this holiday episode as much as I did. Make sure to pencil in every Sunday on your calendar because we've got more captivating conversations from Cobb County coming your way. I'm your host, Keith Ippolito, proudly waving the BG Ad Group banner. Until next time, take care, and from all of us here at Cobb Life, Happy Thanksgiving!

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