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Ask Uncut - Are You the Interruptee or the Interrupter?

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Hey Lifers!

Welcome to the episode where we unpack your deep, dark and burning questions. Britt's still in the jungle eating pig nipples. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write... Please keep voting to keep our girl in the jungle!  VOTE HERE

Laura's brought her extra 4 legged child home. Buster is terrified and Matt is still in the 'dad who doesn't want the pet' phase. We all know that there's no one who will love a family pet more than the dad who initially said they didn't want them.


Keeshia: The Daily Aus Podcast - Bruce Lehrmann lost his defamation case. What does this mean?

Laura: ToniMay Mother's Day collection



One of my best friends constantly cuts people off while they are mid-sentence, sometimes when the person is answering the questions that she has asked them. She also will cut into other people’s conversations and start talking about something completely unrelated and making it hard to get the original chat back on track. Now that I’ve noticed she does this it drives me mental and makes me not want to have a deep engaged conversation with her, as it seems like she’s not properly listening or interested in what I have to say. Is there a way to politely tell her that she does this? Or is this a quirk of her personality that I need to let go?


I’ve recently moved interstate to a brand new city and I’m loving it. I met a guy pretty soon after arriving here, and he is amazing. Turns out on the first night we slept together, I fell pregnant. I am not in a position to keep the baby, and we’re aligned on that decision. However he hasn’t been as supportive as I would’ve hoped. I have been super sick, unable to work, bed ridden, and he hasn’t been replying for my messages for days on end. He hasn’t offered to bring me anything, or even just pay for appointments or supplies, or even just ask how I'm doing. I know we’re not together but I can’t help but feel disappointed in the way he’s handled this. What would your tips be before going forward in this situation?  Should I keep seeing him after?


Please help me settle this debate between my boyfriend and I! Is it okay to pee in the shower when I shower with my boyfriend? For context, we shower together every night and he always finds it weird and gross that I have to pee in the shower. But I think It’s fine as it ends up going down the same pipes and to the same destination as the toilet. Should he just get over it or should I stop peeing in the shower when he is in there with me?


I lost my dad when I was a teenager from a neurodegenerative disorder. This disorder is genetic and each child has a 50/50 chance of inheriting it with it being a dominant gene. There is no cure or treatment so it is essentially a death sentence. My sister is in the later stages of the disease having been diagnosed in her mid 20s. I haven’t been tested due to not feeling ready but I’m starting to look into testing now as I’ve started to realise how much it has held me back in things such as relationships and career. At this stage from our family history, it’s looking like I don’t have it. I have been single for a long time because of this and not wanting to bring someone in just in case I have it or for them to have to witness what my family is going through. I’ve been on a few dates recently but a lot of the time people ask why I’ve been single for so long. At what stage do I tell them my family history? I don’t want to scare people straight away but also don’t want to misinform them.

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