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L'Chaim - To Life S9 E14 (08-05-2024) with Benjamin Netanyahu, Sheryl Sandberg, A/Prof Efrat Eilam, Effi Yaacobi and Gareth Narunsky

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Jewish community focused interview-based program with regular segments including: news from Israel, opinion commentary, preview of next day’s AJN head 
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The program is replayed Fridays between 2PM and 3PM on Melbourne’s 3ZZZ 92.3FM


Title: Benjamin Netanyahu – If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone (*from 0:23 mins)

Description: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected international pressure to halt the war in Gaza in a fiery speech marking the country’s annual Holocaust Memorial Day.



Title: Sheryl Sandberg – “Screams Before Silence”: THE documentary you must see. (*from 4:09 mins)

Description: Former chief operating officer of Meta Platforms (formerly the Facebook company), philanthropist, and writer Sheryl Sandberg’s, documentary, which gives voice to hostages, survivors and first responders of the October 7 Hamas attack has been released and is streaming at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAr9oGSXgak or Google: Screams Before Silence YouTube



Title: A/Prof Efrat Eilam - Calling anyone who is employed at an Australian University (*from 12:17 mins)

Description: Morry Frenkel speaks with A/Prof Efrat Eilam, a teaching and research academic at the Victoria University and co-founder of the Australian Academic Alliance Against Antisemitism (5A) group about its ongoing response to the dramatic rise in antisemitism on university campuses across the country following the October 7th pogrom. The group’s focus is on (1) advocating for university policy development; (2) promoting on-campus advocacy; (3) combating calls for boycotting Israeli academia; (4) responding to antisemitic publications by academics; (5) examining and providing an alternative option to the existing workers’ unions; and (6) collecting data regarding antisemitism across Australian universities. If any Jewish staff member, student or employee of an Australian university needs, or knows of someone requiring assistance to deal with on-campus antisemitism, or has witnessed an act of antisemitism and wishes to report it, go to the 5A group’s home page at www.aaaaa.org.au. The 5A group is conducting an on-line survey to assess the extent of antisemitism in Australian universities as experienced by Jewish university students, staff and employees, and the extent to which Australian universities are taking active measures to ensure their campuses are free from this scourge. To access the survey, go to https://vuau.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_81gQscILYx4g3Wu.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the 5A group encourages Jewish university students, staff and employees to put in a disciplinary complaint to the university if they are harassed on campus or blocked from accessing any area of the campus to which they are entitled to go. Do not aggressively confront protesters or you risk having a complaint made against you, which could have serious ramifications in the future.



Title: KAN English News Flash – May 8, 2024 at 2PM IST (*from 29:28 mins)

The latest English language radio news from KAN, the Israeli Broadcasting Service.



Title: Effi Yaacobi – We are not going anywhere! (*from 35:15 mins)

Description: Maurice Klein speaks with Effi Yaacobi, our L'Chaim-To Life radio tour guide in Israel. Effi speaks about this year’s Yom HaShoah commemoration in Israel along with Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut in a few days’ time, with all the three sacred Yoms having added dimension after October 7 along with the current war in Gaza and the Jew hatred plaguing the world again. Effi also brings us up to speed on the war in Gaza and the war of attrition on the Lebanese border with Hezbollah. Tourism is slowly returning to Israel with many group missions and friends of Israel coming to show their support. We hear from Effi, with absolute conviction and resolve that Israel, the shining light unto the world, is going nowhere and the world better get used to it. You can contact Effi via email at efyaac@netvision.net.il



Title: Gareth Narunsky – Tomorrow’s AJN Headlines today (*from 56:16 mins)

Description: We cross to Gareth Narunsky, the Australian Jewish News National Editor, for the headlines in this week’s edition of the paper.


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L’Chaim - To Life

Jewish community focused interview-based program with regular segments including: news from Israel,  
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