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Age is Not Your Enemy - You Are - Lyn Smith & Ambila Nath

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Ambila Nath is a Coach, Healer and Intuitive, who’s joined Lyn in this episode to discuss one of dating’s most common misconceptions: that your age can be a disadvantage to your chances of finding true love.

When we reach a certain age, a lot of us feel that we've missed our opportunity to attract lasting love. This can lead us to put up blockages or obstacles (mostly unintentionally), that prevent us from finding the healthy love relationship, that’s definitely possible and still out there.

In today’s show, Ambila and Lyn discuss this all-too-common phenomenon, and talk about how we can learn to remove the barriers that stand between us and true love, no matter what our age.


  • Many see the period between 20 - 35 as the only legitimate time in life to find a partner. This means that later in life, people can feel a sense of having “missed the boat”
  • If we've been single for many years, we've spent a long time relaxing in our comfort zone, it’s a place of safety and warmth. We've built our own routines and many are loath to stray outside of them. The prospect of finding a new partner who may change all of that can feel very daunting, especially later in life.
  • It’s worth remembering that we are never physically too old for love. 'Old' is just a state of mind. Awareness of this is the key to 'letting go' of any negative perceptions and unlocking our inner courage.
  • Our modern society has a tendency to not just place negative relationship assumptions on people, but to express them. For some this can lead to a sense of insecurity and can damage their self-worth to the point of inhibition.
  • Some people have been conditioned to put off embarking on the adventures of all life has to offer, until they find the right person to do it with. However by having the courage to begin these adventures alone, we instil in ourselves the confidence to take other leaps of faith, perhaps towards love.
  • Women, don’t discount younger male potential partners. There seems to be a far more mature mind-set out there these days, due to the changing roles of women in the world becoming ever-more prevalent.
  • The concept of dating people of a different age is thankfully far more accepted these days. Through healthier lifestyles, women tend to look far younger than their age may suggest, which has meant younger men to want to date them far more often.
  • Don’t ever take rejection as a negative. A person who is upfront enough to say that you are not compatible has saved you wasting the time and effort of finding it out for yourself, enabling you to be free to attract someone else who is a better match.


’The niche fell into place’

‘It’s amazing how many people, psychologically, give up’

‘I’m going to have to put my flowers somewhere else’

‘You have to go into the past, to understand the present’

’There are a lot of younger men who are more mature and responsible’

‘I feel like I’m still in my mid-twenties’

‘Don’t use age as the excuse for a date not working'




Ambila Nath is a Coach, Healer and Intuitive

She guides women who are looking to find a long term partner and who are dating a lot of men in the hope that they will find the right one but are frustrated that it’s just not happening.

Ambila mentors them so that they can stop the endless dating, find themselves and find their man

Contact Info

Web: www.ambilanath.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ambilanath

Instagram www.Instagram.com/ambilanath



Lyn Smith – (The Queen of HEARTS) – Love, Dating & Relationship Expert

Lyn’s personal story is a very inspirational and harrowing one of how she went from having unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships with men (on the back of several serious traumatic sexual assaults in her teens) to now being in a soul fulfilling relationship which makes her feel alive, is full of passion and gives her inner peace.

She has a proven track record as a Love Solutions - Relationship Expert / Trainer / Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author based upon her own vast personal research, experiential learning and training with the world’s leading industry experts.

Understanding the polarisation of masculine & feminine energy resulted in her creating massive attraction and a passionate, intimate, fulfilling relationship – that inspired her to design & present her own course programmes to share these break-through relationship techniques with women across the globe.

HEARTS Entwined is a world-class service based on care and understanding, which is committed to providing step-by-step high-value love, dating and relationship solutions.

Lyn makes a difference by helping you make a difference; she has a vision of contributing back on a global scale – to create a lasting legacy of safety, dignity and opportunity for children and women who have survived rape, abuse and severe trauma as a result of war crimes and sex trafficking – through the setting up of worldwide – ‘you can heal your life’ centres.



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