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Aurora Theatre's 'Christmas Canteen' is a community tradition

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GDP Script/ Top Stories for Dec 10th  

Publish Date:  Dec 8th  


From the Henssler Financial Studio Welcome to the Gwinnett Daily Post Podcast.

Today is Sunday, December 10th and Happy 48th Birthday to Seven Nation Army drummer Meg White


I’m Bruce Jenkins and here are your top stories presented by Peggy Slappy Properties.

  1. Aurora Theatre's 'Christmas Canteen' is a community tradition
  2. Diabetes drugs may reduce colon cancer risk: study
  3. Central Gwinnett's Jenna Cloninger named Gwinnett County Public Schools' Teacher of the Year

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Break 1: Peggy Slappy

STORY 1: Aurora Theatre's 'Christmas Canteen' is a community tradition

The Aurora Theatre's annual production of "Christmas Canteen" in Lawrenceville, Georgia, is celebrating its 28th year. Conceived as a tribute to the USO shows entertaining military personnel during past decades, the show has evolved into a lively revue-type production reminiscent of Christmas variety shows from the 1960s and 1970s. The 10-person cast, including members of Aurora’s apprentice program, performs a mix of old and modern tunes, incorporating skits for comedy and poignant songs for emotional moments. The show, running until December 23, has become a holiday tradition for many patrons, blending nostalgia with new experiences.

STORY 2: Diabetes drugs may reduce colon cancer risk: study

A groundbreaking study suggests that diabetes drugs, specifically glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs), may significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer (colorectal cancer or CRC). Researchers at Case Western Reserve University found that GLP-1 RAs were more effective than other anti-diabetic drugs in preventing CRC. The study, published in JAMA Oncology, emphasizes the potential of GLP-1 RAs in preventing deadly forms of cancer associated with obesity and diabetes. The drugs, commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes, have been shown to lower blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, manage weight, and reduce rates of major cardiovascular ailments.

STORY 3: Central Gwinnett's Jenna Cloninger named Gwinnett County Public Schools' Teacher of the Year

Jenna Cloninger, who teaches oceanography at Central Gwinnett High School, has been named Gwinnett County Public Schools' overall Teacher of the Year. Cloninger emphasized the recognition as an achievement for the entire oceanography team in Gwinnett schools, shedding light on elective subjects often overshadowed by high-stakes testing and core subjects. The course is offered as a fourth-year science elective for high school seniors and plays a vital role in enriching students' lives and helping them discover their passions. Cloninger will compete for statewide Teacher of the Year honors.

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Break 2: MOG  – TOM WAGES – Glow Light Show

STORY 4: Consumer Health: Flu vaccination and cancer

It is crucial for individuals with cancer to receive a yearly flu vaccination, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Mayo Clinic. The flu can lead to severe complications, especially for those with weakened immune systems, chronic illnesses, or cancer. Flu complications for high-risk individuals may include pneumonia, heart problems, and acute respiratory distress syndrome. While the flu vaccine may not be 100% effective, it significantly reduces the risk of infection, lessens severity, and lowers the chance of hospitalization. Additional preventive measures include frequent handwashing, avoiding face-touching, covering coughs and sneezes, cleaning surfaces, and avoiding crowded places during peak flu season.

STORY 5: Editorial: Voters are right to complain about inflation

The Federal Reserve's efforts to guide the U.S. economy toward a soft landing, reducing inflation without causing a recession, appear to be working against the odds. Recent data show continued economic growth, a gradually cooling job market, and a slower pace of service price increases. However, despite these positive signs, voters remain persistently unhappy with the economy, possibly due to the significant inflation surge following the pandemic. The Biden administration's attempts to declare victory over inflation have been met with skepticism, as many households experience increased costs of living, particularly in groceries, housing, and credit. The lesson for policymakers is to recognize that people are the best judges of their own financial circumstances, and inflation disproportionately affects financially stressed households, making it a critical concern for both economics and politics.

We’ll be back in a moment


STORY 6: Commentary: What’s it like to be an average American?

On an average day in the United States, people drive 32 miles (about an hour daily), with over 14,000 car accidents occurring daily. The average American spends almost three hours watching TV and over three hours on smartphones, checking their phones 58 times daily. Americans consume around 5.5 pounds of food daily and approximately two alcoholic beverages per day. On average, 10,000 babies are born, 9,500 people die, and around 4,000 people immigrate to the U.S. daily. The federal government spends over $17 billion daily, leading to unsustainable fiscal imbalances. The daily average of 123 firearm-related deaths includes about 13 from mass shootings, while drug overdose deaths average 294 per day, emphasizing the need for effective policies. The data highlights the diverse and unique experiences within a population of 335 million people.

STORY 7: Liam Denning: Musk’s Cyberbeast has a weight problem

The weight and acceleration of electric vehicles (EVs), exemplified by Tesla's Cybertruck, pose safety concerns in collisions with traditional vehicles. EVs, heavier due to batteries, accelerate faster and can overpower lighter vehicles, causing more severe accidents. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) warns about the dangers in mismatched collisions. The popularity of heavier EVs contributes to a longstanding trend of increasing vehicle weights in the auto industry. As EVs become more prevalent, the potential for such mismatched collisions grows. The key to addressing safety concerns involves improving charging infrastructure to reduce the need for large, heavy batteries and promote lighter EV models.

We’ll have final thoughts after this.

Break 4:  DTL- Henssler 60

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