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The God of Second Chances | Sunday Message

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If it weren’t for second chances, we’d all be in spiritual danger. But our God is merciful and generously offers not one, not two, but multiple chances—even if it’s undeserved. Pastor Greg Laurie reveals more about this God of second chances in today's episode.


Forgiveness is available for every person, no matter how far they have fallen.
David stayed close to God and wanted to honor Him.
Psalm 57:7
Read: 2 Samuel 11:1–5
When things are going reasonably well, we often begin to lower our guard, and then the devil attacks.
David’s fall came after great spiritual success.
The sins we commit today may come back to haunt us tomorrow.
David was allowing lust to consume his life.
God has given a sexual drive to every man and woman, which is to be fulfilled in a monogamous marriage commitment.
When a man is filled with lust, it cannot be satisfied with more lust.
You don’t feed lust; you starve it!
David was sleeping when he should have been fighting.
Mark 6:31
If we don’t come apart and rest, we will come apart spiritually.
Our greatest battles don’t necessarily come when we’re working hard; they often come when we have some leisure time on our hands and when we are bored.
“Moments of leisure are more to be dreaded than those of strenuous toil.” —Alan Redpath
“Moments of leisure are more to be dreaded than those of strenuous toil.” —F.B. Meyer
2 Samuel 11:3
When deluded by sin, we do not think clearly because sin makes us stupid!
Instead of confessing, David tried to hide his sin.
Is God putting up roadblocks in your life right now?
You might be rationalizing sin in your mind, but God has not made it easy because He loves you!
2 Samuel 11:27
Psalm 32 describes the futility and misery of sin that is unconfessed.
Read: Psalm 32:1–5
God will not allow His child to get away with sin.
God disciplines those He loves.
Hebrews 12:8
“I have sinned against the Lord.”
2 Samuel 12:13
We have ourselves to blame when we fall into sin.
James 1:14–15
There is only one correct response to being caught in sin: “I have sinned!”
2 Samuel 12:13
Despite David’s sin, he was given a second chance in life.
Bathsheba made it into the Messianic line of Jesus Christ.
Matthew 1:6
Do you need a second chance?
You can be forgiven of all your sin right now, because Jesus died on the cross for you.

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