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Your home’s health: With Zara D’Cotta, The Healthy Home [NCC SERIES]

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If we haven’t met before, I’m Amelia Lee, the architect behind Undercover Architect: an online business to help and teach homeowners like you how to g 
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Hello! This is episode 287. In it, I’m talking with Building Biologist, Zara D’Cotta, from The Healthy Home. She’s here to talk about healthy buildings and share her thoughts on how recent National Construction Code changes might affect how healthy our buildings are. 

This episode is part of a special series on the National Construction Code, and NCC 2022.

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Australian homes have been described as “glorified tents” with construction techniques changing very little over decades. Our climate is considered ‘mild’ when compared to parts of the world that experience extreme heat or cold. 

Consequently, many homes built in Australia are built without the climate in mind. And, as we’ve had rising energy efficiency standards demanding increased air tightness and insulation, it actually poses a risky issue in the health of our buildings, and the health of us living in them.

We haven’t heard much about it in Australia, but increased air tightness, and a more-is-better approach to insulation, when used without a whole-of-home approach, has resulted in a rising number of mould problems and structural moisture damage to homes in the UK, US, Europe and our nearest neighbour New Zealand. 

Coined ‘leaky building syndrome’, a lot has been done to improve building regulations in those locations. 

The question is now: will Australia learn fast enough, and be able to avoid the issues experienced elsewhere?

In my conversation with Zara, which is across this and the next episode, we talk about your home’s health, and what to know about its construction and design to ensure you don’t create a hazardous environment for yourself.

And, Zara will also share her insights into the National Construction Code updates, and what to consider for great outcomes in your project.

Whether you’re renovating or building new, this information will be super helpful for you.

Remember, if you’d like to grab a full transcript of this episode, plus information on the resources we discuss, you can do that by heading to

Now, let’s dive in!


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If we haven’t met before, I’m Amelia Lee, the architect behind Undercover Architect: an online busin 
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