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The You Risk of Analysis Paralysis When Renovating or Building

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Hello! This is Episode 309, and in it, I want to discuss a risk that is super common for anyone who is building or renovating. And it’s the risk of repeatedly experiencing the inability to make a decision. Otherwise what we call ‘analysis paralysis’.

I call this a ‘YOU’ RISK, and it can be crippling in any project. Not only for you, as the person experiencing the inability to make a decision. But also for those around you and anyone who is impacted by your analysis paralysis. 

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This can be your partner, your team, but also any friends or family members you regularly discuss your project with, and spend time with you going over and over the things you’re weighing up.

As a reminder: YOU is one of my five factors that I believe threads through every decision and step in your project journey. The other four are COST, TIME, TEAM and DESIGN.

When you’re spending this much money, and making choices that will impact your health, finances and lifestyle long-term, it can of course feel incredibly challenging to know whether you’re making the right choice. 

And for some, that can mean they stall, go over and over (and over) their decisions, and struggle to make a commitment to any choice. 

This can be hugely stressful to experience. I find many get really annoyed and frustrated with themselves. They recognise their inability to make the decisions they need to, but they just can’t seem to take the necessary steps forward in their project. 

And meanwhile, they know that time is ticking and money is potentially slipping through their fingers. There’s this logical recognition of what’s going on, but that doesn’t mean the decisions come any more easily. And more stress and pressure from those around them can simply make matters worse. (Cue couple arguments, big time!)

So, let’s talk about the YOU RISK of analysis paralysis, or the risk of repeatedly experiencing the inability to make a decision in your project.

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Now, let’s dive in!


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