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The most underestimated mistake when building or renovating your home - Episode 3 (Season 5 - Mistakes Many Make)

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Mistakes many make | Podcast Season 5 | Undercover Architect

With over 20 years industry experience, in over 250 projects (including 3 renovations of my own), there are consistent errors I see many homeowners ma 
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Do you know what the most underestimated mistake is when building or renovating your home?  

Listen to the podcast to learn the renovating and building mistakes to avoid, and how to save your sanity and stress less when renovating or building. 

There’s a thing I see happen for many homeowners when embarking on, and executing their reno or new build. And it’s this: They’re totally surprised at how stressful it is. And how stressed they get. 

The stress a project can cause catches many homeowners by surprise – because its source is from an entirely different place to what they expected.  

The online world is full of promises of ‘easy’ when it comes to building and renovating your home. There are loads of people out there offering to make it this way. Telling you it IS easy and that ANYONE, ANYWHERE can do it, and do it well, regardless of skill or experience. They’re offering their own brand of magic pill. 

I have a firm belief on the magic pill thing – based on my experience over the last 20 plus years. It doesn’t exist. There is no magic pill.   

But that doesn’t mean your project has to be a disaster, or you have to resign yourself to a journey of nightmares, budget blowouts, and a horrible experience. 

Renovating and building can certainly be simplified. You can certainly minimise stress and avoid headaches and pitfalls, and have an enjoyable experience. And, when you get it right, it is all SO worth it. 

But first you need to know something really important. Knowing this is how you can stay sane during your renovation or building project.  

And this is WHO you will be when you renovate or build your home. Because WHO you will be, and HOW you’ll behave in your project may take you by surprise. And it fundamentally impacts your project and how well it goes.  

There’s 3 things to remember when it comes to understanding reasons why stress happens and takes homeowners by surprise: 

  1. there is a huge amount of emotion caught up in the whole idea of ‘home’ – and our attachment to it – and creating change to ‘home’ comes with its own cocktail of emotions that we totally underestimate the power of 
  2. when renovating or building, you’re not only dealing with dreams, hopes and fears, but also status and personal identity, and that clouds rational judgement, no matter how balanced you try to remain 
  3. people are people first, and emotions can get out of hand as people differently under stress – even if you’re dealing with businesses as you renovate or build, everyone is a person first and their behaviour can be impacted by what they’re going through personally 

Here’s how to save your sanity, and avoid these stress-making mistakes. Listen to the episode now. 

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All so you can understand the pitfalls and mistakes to avoid, can skip the heartache and drama, and know that your effort, investment and planning will all be worth it in your beautiful finished home. And I'm there, alongside you for your 6 weeks membership to answer your questions and really rocket launch you further along in your project.  

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