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Part 1 | Solar Power and what you need to know for your home | Interview with Lucy Best, Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd (MEFL) - Episode 6 (Season 8 - A SIMPLE GUIDE TO A SUSTAINABLE HOME)

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A simple guide to a sustainable home | Podcast Season 8 | Undercover Architect

Creating a sustainable home means one that is energy efficient, functional, low tox, environmentally friendly and supports your health and well-being. 
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One of the big conversation topics that comes up when talking about how to create a sustainable home is solar energy … and whether it’s worthwhile to install a solar system on your home.

And so that’s what this episode - and the next - is all about. What you need to know about solar energy, and how to know a solar system will be worthwhile for your renovation or building project.


In this episode, I have the great pleasure of talking with Lucy Best, who is the Community Engagement Lead for the Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd, or MEFL.

Lucy started with MEFL as a Community Outreach Worker on the Moreland Solar City Project. As part of this role Lucy worked directly with the community in engagement, education and strategy. Lucy manages community engagement and communications for MEFL including the Positive Charge and Our Energy Future programs, which provide advice on renewable energy and energy efficiency products to community members and councils.

I found Positive Charge when I was looking for a way I could get some independent and impartial advice on solar power and what you need to know. Positive Charge is a programme of the Moreland Energy Foundation, a not-for-profit, independent organisation committed to tackling climate change.

Positive Charge offers advice, regardless of whether or not people request a quote, so you can talk through your ideas and plans whatever stage you are at. Unlike other brokers we only work with suppliers after conducting a thorough procurement process, so you can be confident that we are offering high quality products and services at a good price, through company you can trust. Better still – Positive Charge will be on hand to support you along the way if needed.

Lucy regularly delivers workshops and information sessions to range of communities including SMEs, schools, CALD groups, general interest and environmental groups and council staff. She also plans and coordinates all outreach and promotional activity.

Lucy is one clever bunny when it comes to helping us be more informed about solar energy .. what we need to know, the questions we need to ask. And she taught me a thing or two about motivation for putting solar on you roof too, and how to think about it generally.

Because this was such a meaty interview full of so much great advice and knowledge, I’m releasing it as two parts.

So, in Part 1 (this episode), Lucy and I talk about:

  1. The components of a solar energy system … what they are, how they work, to physically get power from the sun to the electrical needs of your home
  2. How to work out how big a system you’ll need
  3. The difference between panels - Lucy actually shares some key tips to assess their power and potential, and what to know about your roof space and power use overall to inform what you choose
  4. We talk about the inverter - and from our own personal research for our place, the advice has been that it’s the part of the system where quality really makes a difference - and so Lucy had some great advice about this
  5. And we talk about batteries - and when going off grid is worthwhile, and surprises you may not be aware of when it comes to choosing a battery system, and that you may not be as ‘off-grid’ as you think

The conversation is packed full of great information, and you might be surprised at how accessible solar is - this is no longer out-there or super expensive technology. It’s more affordable than you think.


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