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Making an Insurance Claim - Part 3: David Keane, Solve My Claim - Episode 05 (Season 12 - REBUILD + BUILD BETTER)

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Rebuild + Build Better | Podcast Season 12 | Undercover Architect

This season will help you learn how to rebuild after bushfires, and build better homes wherever you are located (and what every type of build or renov 
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This episode is Part 3 of my conversation with David Clarke from Solve My Claim. In it, David will be helping us understand some specific terminology in your insurance policy, and also how to protect yourself when making your claims.

If you haven’t listened to Part 1 or Part 2, pause this podcast, and head back do that now. We’ll be here when you get back. 

Otherwise, let’s dive into Part 3 now (and check resources for more helpful links and the transcript to this episode).


In November, 2008, we went through The Gap storms. A big Silky Oak fell on our roof and cracked it open. Rain poured in through the ceiling and window heads, over furniture and rugs, and through the timber floorboards into the garage below.

A few days later, heavy rains came again, and flooded the home.

Then ensued a 13 month battle with our insurer debating what was ‘flood damage’, what was ‘water damage’, what was damage made by a ‘storm-created opening’. We finally settled for 5X what they initially offered … it was the difference between $20,000 and $100,000. 

The stress was beyond anything I’d experienced. We really felt each step was an attempt to wear us down and settle for what we were being offered. My hubby and I both seemed to alternate being stubborn and not wanting to back down, so we just kept going. 

David Keane started Solve My Claim in 2014 after realising people in this situation often had nowhere to turn. For David, this is about levelling the playing field, and about providing social justice at times when people really need it. 

Having worked inside the insurance industry for so many years, David got fed up with seeing it unfairly handle people’s claims, and then what that would mean for the long term livelihood and lifestyle of those impacted. In an industry full of jargon and specific processes, it can be unnerving for anyone tackling it for the first time, especially when they have lost their entire home and belongings. And so, Solve My Claim provides support and fairness for those struggling with their insurance claims. They use their knowledge of how insurance policies work to argue for those making claims. And they’ve achieved more than $35 million worth of increased claim settlements in the past 3 years alone.

Solve My Claim provides expert support and assistance to anyone struggling with their insurance claims. Their main office is in Alice Springs, and they assist with claims across the whole nation of Australia.

In Part 3 of our conversation, David will help us understand some specifics about your insurance policy so you know what you’re entitled to. And what to do about getting independent information to check what you’re being offered is fair. 

And, we discuss the steps straight after you’re dealing with damage and loss, so you can notify your insurer as required PLUS get you ducks in a row as well.

So, let’s hear more.

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