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Know how to ask for what you want in your reno or new build - Episode 2 (Season 5 - Mistakes Many Make)

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Mistakes many make | Podcast Season 5 | Undercover Architect

With over 20 years industry experience, in over 250 projects (including 3 renovations of my own), there are consistent errors I see many homeowners ma 
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Do you know how to ask for what you want in your renovation or building project? And be sure you’re getting what you paid for? 

One of the most frequently asked questions, or challenges that homeowners share with me is  “I have no idea where to start”.  

Also, many homeowners tell me also that there are 3 big fears or areas of concern around renovating and building – and these may sound familiar to you. These fears are … 

  • how much the project will cost, and whether the budget will blow out 
  • how long the project will take, and how much of their own time it will take up 
  • how much stress the project will cause them 

Are these fears that you have about your project? 

In all my experience of working with homeowners who are renovating or building their home, there’s one thing I see REALLY work for them. Both in dealing with those fears, and in helping them get started really effectively and efficiently.  

And it’s this: They know how to ask for what they want.  

Why is this important? Well, when you know how to ask for what you want with your reno or new home, you: 

  • don’t waste money on getting advice from the wrong people or starting the process in the wrong way 
  • don’t waste time on design, or consultations for your project that aren’t on budget, possible for your home or area, or a good fit for you and your family 
  • get started with the right team for you, who support you, keep you informed and help you manage your risk – and stress as a result 

Now, let me be clear – knowing how to ask for what you want does not mean you have to: 

  • solve every problem for your project 
  • design the whole thing yourself 
  • get it all quoted and costed all by yourself 
  • pick every item, material, fixture and finish on your own 

However, knowing how to ask for what you want DOES mean you start your project with some prior knowledge. Knowledge which will help you  

  • be a super savvy and informed homeowner and client 
  • be able to interview your potential team and not get taken for a ride 
  • communicate with that team effectively from the get-go 
  • not waste money 
  • not waste time 
  • make those first steps the best steps for you and your project – so you get started efficiently and minimise stress along the way.

Knowing how to ask for what you want is one of the very early things you can do to have confidence in your project, and feel more in control – rather than beholden to and blindly trusting everyone you’re speaking to.  

Trust is really important with those you bring on board – but it should be informed trust, backed by due diligence, not blind trust based on hope and crossed fingers.

Listen to the episode now. 

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