“Lead in the Way You Want to Go ” - Mary Welp Interview

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Published Jun 24, 2022, 11:00 PM

Sometimes you need the world to crash around you before you spiritually wake up to realize you are not living your true life. Our guest today, Mary Welp, is a cranio-sacral and body work practitioner who believes that we need to be more authentic and vulnerable both as a daily practice with ourselves and in our interactions to live our lives filled with purpose. 

She has spent the last 20 years focusing on her mission to help others self-actualize and our hour of conversation truly flew by. I hope you’ll join us.



  • Use the acronym RISE {Relax, Imagine, Suggest, Empower}  to move past your reactive emotions and become more emotionally regulated so that you can actually be present in each moment. 
  • To live your best life, be vulnerable, authentic, grateful, and find your purpose. 
  • You don’t have to believe in bodywork, like Reiki, to get on a practitioner’s table. The work never requires your belief. 
  • A story about a father and a son standing on the banks of a dirty river: the son asked his father, “Dad, is the river polluted?” And he says “no, Son, the river is not polluted. The river is pure, it just carries pollutants. I'd like to remind us that we can stand on the banks and watch our thoughts. So question what you think? Question what is in your river, your habits, your thoughts, your imprints. If something in your river does not suit you anymore, does not help you, does not make you a better, happier person – fish it out, get it out of that river. Change is possible for all of us.



  • “In our culture, we give a hard time to people who state what they need, and there is nothing wrong with that – we all have needs.” 
  • “If you're consistent; if you wake up with the same intention several days in a row, that's adding more and more fuel and power to that intention. Because intentions and thoughts are energy, they are physical energy. So what energy do you want to create around yourself?”
  • “When we pre-design our life, we are excluding all of the extra magic and beauty that can happen in our life, because we are setting ourselves down such a rigid path, that maybe there's an opportunity for something that we had never dreamt of, to happen.”



Mary Welp, CH, is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in hypnotic meditation. After 20 years as a practitioner in Craniosacral therapy and 14 years as a certified hypnotherapist, she launched RISE Hypnotic Meditation to teach others how to bring meaningful, positive changes to their lives. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky.


Mary’s website: www.risemeditation.com

Buy Mary’s book https://www.amazon.com/RISE-Hypnotic-Meditation-Mary-Welp/dp/1685152848

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/risehypnoticmeditation/?hl=en


The ‘Mighty Pete Lonton’ from the ‘Mighty 247’ company is your main host of ‘Fire in The Belly’. 

Pete is an entrepreneur, mentor, coach, property Investor, and father of three beautiful girls. Pete’s background is in project management and property, but his true passion is the ‘Fire in The Belly’ project itself. His mission is to help others find their potential and become the mightiest version of themselves. Pete openly talks about losing both of his parents, suffering periods of depression, business downturn and burn-out, and ultimately his years spent not stoking ‘Fire in the Belly’. In 2017, at 37 years of age that changed, and he is now on a journey of learning, growing, accepting, and inspiring others.

Pete can connect with people and intuitively asks questions to reveal a person’s passion and discover how to live their mightiest life. The true power of ‘Fire in The Belly’ is the Q&A’s - Questions and Actions section. 

The ‘Fire in The Belly’ brand and the programme is rapidly expanding into podcasts, seminars, talks, business workshops, development courses, and rapid results mentoring.





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