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Everything Good in Life Comes From The Help of Other People -With Devin Durrant

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Devin Durrant – retired NBA player, current entrepreneur, author, family man. Devin comes on the show to discuss his recently published book, The Values Delta, which is about how we can make our values count to make more of a positive benefit in the world. We talk about how his childhood and family shaped his focus and made him hone his value system early on, and how he has been able to leverage his “spiritual values” to make the world a better place for others. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. 


+ You can not only work on your values, but see them improve, and thus improve your life and sense of fulfillment, by a scientific, experiential approach. 

  • Often your achievements can be opportunities to thank other people for the ways they helped you realize your goal. Everything good in life comes from the help we receive from others. 
  • Hard work, team work, and discipline – things that Devin learned playing sports in his neighborhood growing up, are ways to improve your life everywhere. 
  • Cultivate relationships with people you like and whose values you share and watch your life blossom in a myriad of unexpected beautiful ways. 



  • “I've been very fortunate to be a mentor to younger people, in different settings. The flip side of that is, I have had just some remarkable mentors in my life that have helped me at different stages of life, given me direction and, and inspired me through their examples.”
  • “What do I need to prioritize so I might be able to do a little bit better as an individual, as a husband, a father, a business owner?” 
  • “The constant for me is ‘how can I improve?’ How can I improve as an athlete, how can I improve as my parents’ son?…that's been a key element for me. What I've learned over time and as an adult, is:  we tend to become what we think about. So I'm a big believer in trying to focus on thoughts [that will take us] in  positive directions.”
  • “There's always a little bit more that you can offer. There's always some progress that needs to be made and there's always maybe something we need to repent, change and try to do a little bit better. And so that'll be my constant striving is yeah, I'm in a good place. But maybe to make my place better, I can help other people find that good place in their lives.”


[From the “Meet the Author” section on website] Devin Durrant is the owner of multiple real estate–centric companies. After succeeding as a consensus All-American at Brigham Young University and a two-time Academic All-American, he played for the Indiana Pacers. As an elite athlete, Devin learned how important values were for team and individual success. In real estate, Devin’s work and philosophy centers around adding value to his employees and properties. An inspirational public speaker, Devin has spoken around the world for over 40 years.

Devin is a father and a grandfather, a husband, and a Christian. He is based in Utah.



The Values Delta website



The ‘Mighty Pete Lonton’ from the ‘Mighty 247’ company is your main host of ‘Fire in The Belly’. 

Pete is an entrepreneur, mentor, coach, property Investor, and father of three beautiful girls. Pete’s background is in project management and property, but his true passion is the ‘Fire in The Belly’ project itself. His mission is to help others find their potential and become the mightiest version of themselves. Pete openly talks about losing both of his parents, suffering periods of depression, business downturn and burn-out, and ultimately his years spent not stoking ‘Fire in the Belly’. In 2017, at 37 years of age that changed, and he is now on a journey of learning, growing, accepting, and inspiring others.

Pete can connect with people and intuitively asks questions to reveal a person’s passion and discover how to live their mightiest life. The true power of ‘Fire in The Belly’ is the Q&A’s - Questions and Actions section. 

The ‘Fire in The Belly’ brand and the programme is rapidly expanding into podcasts, seminars, talks, business workshops, development courses, and rapid results mentoring.



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